Tuesday, September 30, 2014

tom 1 st OCT 2014

1.List out how many free entriews done this year;
2.Field calls are a must;
3.retrieve 10 t ids email and send 10
nearest due for renewals;
use ph followup pls;

30th september

10 calls in the field;
R&d At home loaded 7 vidos; many years added;
email retrieval work contd;
read google from 1997;


Jimmy Wales founder of wikipedia

 August 7, 1966


May 14, 1984

Mark Zuckerberg


March 26, 1973 

larry page 

August 21, 1973

navrathri celebrations in narayanaguda 2014

Surniture and Sofa repair shops in Nacharam hyderabad


bill gates
October 28, 1955


January 12, 1964
jeff bejos


1983-1984 1985; (Bangalore-Hyderabad-tirupati Military)Passports;

fathers death in 1985
A V College; Sports man; Degree; military; Passports etc; akheel Singapore visit; dads death; Subba rayulu mama death;


 1980 chermas; 1-8-1980

Kadapa life ,
Gopals help in getting admittion to St Josephs college;  mariapuram;
1981; Premabhisekham;movie release; akiineni nageshwar rao;
1982 bobbi puli;
1983; Kahidi;

Vasu, Venkatesh (Bombay Dyeng); Inter; problem with Lecturer; trouble some student life; Gopals funding;
Chalapathi other guy seena ;By lorry to hyderabad kir Royale;


At  Hyderabad with father and mama done SSC; Mother came later; father was doing Real estates biz with malayali and other person; rama krishana ghee stores at chikkadpalli; subbarayulu mama was alive;
Vidur next shop guy and his brother; Ashok babu;

Utham marwari  friend; Welfare ground crecketing days Prasad; satish first friend;

Release of shankara bharanam movie;

sept 29 th monday

Spent at home in organising year wise launches etc; By late after noon to field work fetched 3 closings; On gtas request had to go to prasad hospitals new arial exposure and potencial market exposed; met Satish and Dhanraj; Retrieved few more emails of potencial customers; Small attempt at Delhi Rx flopped; vehicle light repair did;


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