Wednesday, January 15, 2014

sancranti pics

15th jan;

Visited  lord shiva temple did arachana for all family members  with gta the rituals of puja known; tweeted ;minumu vada  seems to be good food; muggula parampara at  gummam vakita continued; took sms package sent messages had good response brought back few friends; prsad my child hood friend met had long chat with him;satyas commitment failed again;

work did at distributed 15 letters;

Night had ph chat with family members they praised my letter co;
called renigunta guy; Satya failed his CVR news;roads are empntentty;

sankranti day 2014

Greatest moment of the en w i continued taking pictures of muugu work  i ignored some poor muggulu   some  ladies resquested to take their pics also; Got up early had bath and read lord venkanna govinda namavali; took some pictures in Ashok nagar area; greeted police my dress skills ;Suguna helped cleaning my oofice;again met ownwe aunty thats to kavitha;

Sathya joned early muggu work at home neibours help exchange of words with galli people;Lot of news papers took to satya home watched movie ;Garelu pulihora enjoyed; kites hungama seen in the city; Lot of festival information by news papers and TV;

Tube light help by RK;kolkata peoples call;keshav and kamalakar called;
Night read sankranti content chinna and had good feedback from akka;
enjoyed song finally;

muggulu pathagulu


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