Sunday, November 30, 2014

30th November Sunday at tirupati;

Had better sleep and comfort than yesterday;Checked alexa stats; posted 2 days pending blogs; down by note prepared;Day slightly planned; Had the comfort of Chairs; Lunch had at syams place had nice time with his family members later he visited my new home; night Prasad prabhavatis son called; calish HYD;Activated rami reddy;Ramababu DTP;Arranged rope and clips to home; Gta had initiation and had funding to shift luggage;

1 st dember:

Again poor cash levels on hand Morning met kamalakar;  During morning analysis  known about call averages so far known; Decided to improve so by evening did 13 plus calls; But at net cafe had problem to load files; Gta typed some data; Kamlakar joined for field work; Luckily had some closings for nthe day;

Night met syam had some tips; Sudden call from cheng but coulnt meet him;

30th November 2014;

 # lucky payments again gave hope;Ramee  snapdeal info;Dresspress given; Heated arguments again; By evening long wait at janas place loaded pics from his system later took chairs from him; Ramooji;seenaiah; Objection at Suneel tetiles problem of not having #G;Felt heavily tired by night;Room freshner and Toilet light arranged; Met nellore Balu at bhimas residency; Announced about Hyderabad house vacating;

29th November

 Morning 2 hours net with Gta and shown lot of editings etc took some prints;Days lucky payments in clude RK Opticals Sapthagiri electricals and gandla community chat; Night blankets took from syam and had nice time with him at his home;
Lost tempet at suneetha; called Mama lukewarm response from Bujji; Lock purchased;Morning lungie and banians purchased;Evening RIM Top UP did;

Thursday, November 27, 2014

27th November; 2014;

Vacated  from Reddy Bhavanam and shifted entire luggage to new house now after 10 days we are independent with new home and shelter; had another boost from alexa global rank by 13 k advancement while indian ranks stagnated; purchased mat and pillows; moeny is fast going out of hands needs are many; tried to buy FM Radio in vain; Day slightly planned; kamalakar kept in contact; without furniture its very difficult to live; seen ols listings printouts;

Purchased news papers from out side update with ET continued;  tweeted after 10 days; lot of ads seen in eenadu and need to contact them faster;
Field work did at Renigunta and chandragiri earliar contacts saved had exposure of hotels at both laces; data collection continued; night met syam; had; Byke lights problem 2 of them gone; Tried to meet gopal; called MK;

Ultimatum had to renue tata photon;
vacating from HYD is another issue;

25th,26th Nov posts

25th november 

Secret style and shilpi payments recd; so headed for new visiting cards design and printing at old frind he had the old design surpricing one; Gta purchased small gas stove at night and few steel items; at reddy Bhavan shifted to anther room;New pen;Morning shown lot of key words to GTA spent long time at Reddy Bhavan;Known about kadapa and Tirupati hotel listings;

26th november;

Morning with Gta had arial survey near mangalam and seen one water tank; few things shifted to new home; kamalakar perfomed Puja with slokas at home; Lot of things had to be purchased;  Had Dosa at reddy & reddy colony; Syam mama gave one laminated photo for puja; Morning listed total earnings in the current trip;

new visiting cards received at night; had one payment but that was not at sufficient;few more needs purchased; tols about athe new house joining to most of family members; met Munawwer;syam called in the night;

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

23rd & 24th November 2014

23rd November Sunday

As pressure continued to search for the room. Gta seen advt in Eeenadu near Karakambadi Road seen one house and decided to give advance. Some more data collected. Night dinner had at Panjabhi Dhabad Butter nana, panner masala and tanduri roti.

24th November Monday

Morning shifted to Reddy Bhavan. Few more prints of Google standing. Had physiotherapy. Gave advance for the house. Suneetha gave few articles. Akka called. Two renewals add for the day. Kamalakar was totally absent. Some more data collected outside. Bike backside light fixed.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

22nd November 2014

Again shifted the room. Took few more prints of Google standing. 100+ data collected from field. 10+ calls did.  

21st November 2014

Although there was no tension for the day still body did not cooperate.  Syam called and assigned one work. Attended. Had biryani. Morning field work did not progress well. Successfully posted pending blogs. This time gta typed the contents. Evening work fetched also got few more commitments. Suneetha gave chapathies.

Akka called morning. Called Jaibal and Raghuram. Known about whatsapp.

11 calls did for the day. Posted some of the pics. 2 positives for Monday. Morning tiffin had at central park. Rx guy I Glass Kuppalai met.

Friday, November 21, 2014

19th,20th november 2014

18th November 2014

 After a long wait at Kachiguda Railway station Motor Bike parcel booking did with a lot of waiting.  Shaw payment received. Took rest in the afternoon. After  travel required things packing  satish and friend  gave send off bordered  the train.

19th November 2014

With disturbed sleep due to poor travel needs  reached tiruathi safe well in time. Quickly boarded the lodge without any problem. Later released the bike from parcel even more faster. Vehicle side mirror broken. Quickly activated the contacts shyam and kamalakar.

Surprise visit of Sunitha to the lodge and spent time with Gta. Sunitha gave tirupathi prasadam and feel happy. While Sunitha and Gta spent time in the lodge I quickly joined  the filed work with Kamalakar.

Forced to take rest because of the sleepless  night and had severe body pains. Missed newspapers for the day. Janardhan called. Night attended Chandra Shekar’s daughter marriage function. After spending some time with Ramoji retiled for the day.

20th November 2014 (Thursday)

Shifted to Vishunivasam after a long wait to book the room it took all my energies. Had tiffin on the bypass road at old women’s place whom I know in the earlier stay at TPT.  After getting ready straight away joined  field work with kamalakar. Met some of the Document Writers. After a few successful calls printouts of the entire tirupathi helpline blog took  had it  spiral binding  now  book on the hand.  

Chinna joined us syam and sankyo  (murali )called. Met janardhan  family had some time with his wife and Haripriya daughter of janardhan. Romed around city on the byke.

Had sitting with kamalakar as usual ended the night with arguments.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18th November 2014

Day planned; Bit relaxed day; Vehicle booking is the only tention; called Akka and  Bawa known things; So main contacts are alerted; Told the paper guy; Un easy due to after-math of the overnight dosage;
locksheel took into fold; 
As usual ET gave very useful information on startups so tweeted it;

17th November;2014 monday

Nothing is in our hands look how the things have rogressed;  Had Hair cut and color during the wait checked contacts; Dopped Cheque;Things go quite unexpected way; After followup call to shah he gave yes nod so rushed there; Called Munawwer and his trips known. One t ID treefurnplaza; jolts continued at Rx end but missed one chance; Seen tpyp seems to be promising; Gold loan again; called jana; enquired camera repair in vain;

By evening train tickets confirmed; sudden surprise chengaiah came; Followup things have continued; chandra gave positive signabout lodge; Murali  also positive;Purchased tables and few needed things alte night; arguments galore and as a result dosage crossed beyond limits;Told Narsing;Dress press managed; Chat with suneetha and chinna; Pressure from Beam guys; Had rim top up; Must quickly buy airtel new number;

Vetuku issue plan emerged; No improvements on web consolidation for the day;

Sunday, November 16, 2014

17th November; Monday plans;

Drop the Cheque;
Travel plans;
See Tpt help line;

16th November 2014;

After Chandras call things started to move up; syam called; At Rx  Who is threat is new point; luckily fast food guy gave money so the day went ahead smoothly; Tickets enquiry did;sent SMS to Syam; Called Sunnetha; Murali; Kamalakar; Filled cheque;

15th November friday 2014

Lot of add ups to existing Document writers entries; Adilabad,atp,Kurnool,Kolkata,kakinada,Warangal,Khammam,chittoor,Villages in SROs in  Hyderabad but they are yet to be spidered; Due to heavy work at home missed field work; At night D W writers current standing in the state checked;

Saturday, November 15, 2014

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