Saturday, February 25, 2017

28th feb; Tuesday;

Not much of field activity; met bhimas guy; Krishna catering; new furniture guy; satji;
retrievd 99 ads from jan and feb issue; Call from chinna for gangamma donation;
Night R Ruchululu and vardhan florist payouts got;

27th feb 2017; Monday;

Gta  arrived; Watch repair managed;
All payouts failed;
stamps pasting work given to gta; Gave carreer to chinna; Interceptor;
Met key maker;

26th Feb sunday 2017

Target and save addresses doctors of  tpt;
Food plan;
Monday plan;
gta will board train in evening;
Meghana dental;
try florist;
top up laptop;

keep raja furniture;
keep prince tailor address in list;

25th Feb 2017 Saturday;

Thank god net is working at home so edited addresses list;↑; seen some important movies as net deadline is coming over;
Morning had tiffen from new place nice but hunger continued later;
Afternoon owners left;
+ + +HP GAS GOT TO HOME paid him; SUGGESTION ALSO noted;
Took pic of super market 2 ppl and honey moon details;
naiks wish and Reddys responcibility protocals were surprises of the day; 
owner ladys menACE continued;
met Chillies new restaurant; known owner  anji;
Tried gate college in  vain;
shown feb issue to Sri krishna grain; took Pic;

Met SK shopping zone guy;
mer R Ruchulu guy plus near by shops
;Tried eden chat and Krishna scan exposure;
Godavari ruchulu red guy;
Had commitment from nainar gopi and Sridhar ph number saved;

24th feb friday: 2017: Maha Shiva rathri day

Maha Shiva Rathri day; Wished lot of ppl and had good response from whatsapp chat;
Evening met Roshini Driving scool got code gave paper  and chennai guys pricing stragtegy known;

Surprise of the day Chinnas intiation and arrived in  tiffen box and Kotis pressence;
Shown  feb issue paper to Shree lights; poor responce;

Evening met florist; had his commitment  had;
had Halal details with Munawwer and his manager;

Restaurants review by mun moon;

23rd feb thursday 2017

 Got payout of Sri Balaji Agencies and long time chat with the boy; Managed 10 callaverage nearby area;Met munnawwer some suggestions had on personal get up and bag apreaciation also had on posessions;

@ net edited and loaded few more entries;
Eve work took sign of sri sai padma rice guy;
next day is mha Shiv Rathri purchased apples; kit kat; close up gel;


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