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Life Leader Spoken English and Personality Development Institute 112 reviews
3-6-102/A/A, Shaheed Yar Jung Lane, Basheerbhag Near Vijaya Diagnostic, 
Street Number 30, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029
Phone: 093910 88804

Peoples Career
H No: 6-2-30/C Flat No 3 1st Floor Orthocare Building, 
Lakdi Ka Pool-Khairatabad, Hyderabad - 500004, 
Near to Lotus Children Hospital Near Bata
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Weight loss and   Fitness Centres For Women in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Weight loss and   Fitness Centres For Women in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Functional 55 Gym Fitness Center
4th Floor, Above Bachpan School, Malakpet Main Road, 
Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad - 500060, Towards Malakpet Road Beside Indian Oil Petrol Bun

Cosmo Care Clinic
HIG A 55/A, Ground Floor, As Rao Nagar, Hyderabad - 500062,
Karur Vyshya Bank Lane, Beside City High School

Weight loss and   Fitness Centres For Women in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

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latest lekhari sticker

November 2019

1st November  Friday 2019;
Consolidation contd with listings postings;
4 google activations for the day managed;
Met Kiran and edited hyderabadi printers map entry; He suggested  some new points;
Url redirection work done;

2nd November Saturday 2019

New development of the day is  new  new sticker developed took prints and got 27 On hand; Gta decided to join Kiran company;
Some more categories data added to blog:
Jana called;
Kiran gave commitment on Wed day for Jan's payout;
Forgot note book some where;
Lost temper several times;
Zaminryot insta I'd took; scanned zaminryot;

3rd Nov 2019 Sunday;

whats my "niche" now; 
1.Aquarium and Dog grooming; 
3. Gentailors, lady tailors,
4. Trophies.
5. Dry fruits;
6. Big brands 

How to improve Insta  followers video seen; ponis are; Follo niche people and tags,  daily 5 posts ;Help them solve their problems; Edited Bio at Instagram and twitter;

Posted Dog grooming and baby care centres; tweeted yestrdays sticker;
Posted insta for zaminryot;

4th November Monday 2019;

Good day with lot of activity;
Worked on my niche  met Suraram Document writers consolidated data;
To my surprise most of them allowed me to paste stickers so pasted; Night gave fresh order for stickers from Bxpress to them;
picked up Gta from job:Things seems to be not good at her job;
Back at home seen video of insta verification and further known about stats edited followers 
After dropping Gta decided to work at Suraram on the way electronics shop took photos:
Long way to travel Suraram good work did there met;
How I could have improved further?

5th Nov 2019 Tuesday;

Consolidation work of my niche managed;
During the park visit pasted sticker at Milk shop; Came out of trauma of Gts Job and managed their mind game peacefully;
Tweeted in support  women officer who lost her life ;

Morning lost temper at Hakim but Bhaskar and beggars courage and grit seen;

Worked at Malkajgiri area met most of Document writers and pasted stickers;
Surprised to see the rush there and also seen  protest of employees with black ribbon;
Tough time again to reach there;sticker parting work progressed well;

After coming back from work continued consolidation work from home:

emeraldmithaishop; and kgnxerox insta is  took and known what msg insta sends;
Had gtas help to post images to blog;
Coaching category dta saved;
Continued sticker pasting work;
Google's standings of some listings checked;

6th Nov wed day 2019

Travelled smoothly to Medchal and worked there and pasted stickers came back tired;
Again sticker further got improved with google;
And took prints and gta helped in cutting them;
Long chat with Madhu rythubhoomi;
Wall painter ph no got;

7th Nov 2019 thursday;

Morning photo taking tips had from youtube video  on insta followers; also known about the importance of personal postings and interaction on insta:

Worked at Kapra surprise closing of money transfer guy; wayback again seen 
Malkajgiri non helping DW and Notary old man; Data collected; activated nandishwar  medchal and architect but they need to edited later;

Power trouble at home  is big setback for the day managed get back

Pendrive from b x press;

8th November Friday 2019;

Age of earth  content read on google; google search tips video seen;
Days success story is 2 main stickers pasted One at Narapally and another at kiran sweets; Got Nandis payout; many new people are exposed some of them were Document writers ; 
Managed park visit and petrol;  Worked at Narapally and Uppal Sticker pasting work did at Narapally and Uppal  reached back via uppal hubsiguda road;
One important thing known is when we continue effort and wait for long time we get results endurance  and maintain energy levels;  pasted photo from  pintrest and seen many likes;

Activateed google  maps of  

1. BD Dass; 
2..Kiran Kumar Xerox;. ECI activated;; Spell check need to be edited;
3. Decent Electronics; Adikmet; 1 review also got; from jaharkhand guy;
4. Saikalayan; Narapally.  Main Sticker pasted; msg recd;
5. pasted main sticker at ; kiaran sweets also;
gta went to attend anjali function;
Night Bhaskars daughter and her friend met;

9th  November  saturday 2019;

Wall poster Border Known and edited poster further;
Scanned Jaminryot word dumma known;
medchal lady data and medchal Artchitect photo posted;
Chevi reddy Birthday pic reply knowledge;
Dog story at instagram;
Leg trouble continued;

10th november 2019;

Worst incidents of life listed out;

Pasted 10 plus stickers; Onion; chicken araranged; lost temper;
to use quotes and questins for tweets new knowledge;

tweeted for srscientifics;

Hyderabadi prints;
With hood photos posted;
#hashtags kept for Jasmine;
Improved performance of horse is new point in rs front;
Evening arranged things for home;

11th November Monday 2019;

Worked at Saroor nagar and closed one entry nad pasted big sticker there;
way back  pasted at Moosaram bagh;
forgot note book and git it back quickly; took new sticker from Gahlingampally bxpress;

12th November Tuesday 2019;

Morning session  linked almost all registration offices Document writers data to blog;
Good day good feeler after loading images to blog posts;
pasted almost 25 stickers; Guru nanak jayanthi is holiday un known;
 further more reduced twitter followed people;
Ugly response had from oli lady: Good interaction had from vegitables guy and flex printer Ramesh:

13th November Wedday 2019

  • Reduced almost 2 K ftollowed people at twitter and streamlined insta;
Good day with pasting stickers at very strategic locations pasted almost 40 small and big ones;
Once irksome moment at one Document Writer about negative comment;
Morning new arial exposure had at Amberpet;

14th November 2019 Thursday

Morning sticker design changed took print of bigger one now fully satisfied; Brought vegitables;
Worked at vanasthali puram had lukewarm response but pasted stickers poor light seen there; met Saroor nagar DW: painter called;
Wished Nikhil; GJR Chaawal insta I'd took;
Photos kept for  GJR and Jasmine; Tried to spam photos;Tried to take control of Nandi;
Gave Olini gel  to Gta;

15th November friday 2019;

Horrible bad smell near home managed anyway;
Big sticker placements at Nadeem Document writer;  Swati Swagruha ; evermore  bigger sticker pasted at Crystal Documentation ; 2 SROs covered Boinpally and Redhills: 10 more stickers added;  let me  see what happens now; So current count of covered offices is 17 ;
Twitter followed people further reduced;
Missed Dinner;

16th November Saturday 2019;

Worked at l b nagar sticker pasting work continued:
Morning took sridevifertily id;
Morning kiran google entry activated and another one submitted;
I tweet for jasmine;
Coaching data posted;
Blog design changed for web format;
Further reduced twitter followed people;
Tweeted for prakash arts;

17th November Sunday 2019;

Live Fish and Prawn took bad road;
By night twitter followed people control had;
Many images kept to zaminryot and other insta handles; slept off  due to late over night less sleep;

18th November Monday 2019;

Worked at Golkonda SRO pasted stickers got one payout; Tried to work Gachibowli long travel had came home tired much;

Suddely in unexpected way developed Nellore insta posts Anjay joined so it has further improved;

19th November Tuesday 2019;

After a quick payout at Golkonda went straight to Gachibowli and it fetched a lot pasted stickers also  travel was good and had good exposure of city again for second day;
Took sticker prints enroute;
Insta paid campaign kept for jasminepetmart;
Further developed nellore insta posts but had action blocked;
Sent messages to many about nellore legends;
night after reaching home activated airtel  big pack for Rs 500;-
lost temper on vellulli;
4 new activations completed for google;
New note book purchased;

20th November Wedday; 2019;

Day flopped without any income but good knowledge gained;

managed park visit; activated nellorelegends data to insta promotions;
Hyderabadlistings insta id took;
called image architect;
Late to field work met one society guy had offer from and spent long time with him details known his review had:
Lot of data retrieval work gave hood confidence;
Night Chengaiah has contributed to nellorelegends insta I added few more posts;
Called seenaiah rafi met on ph:
Few more stickers posted;
Known potentiality of l b nagar office;
Hyderabadlistings I'd took;
Pics of mynellore blog posted to insta;
Insta blog got released so managed few more posts;
Night on tv seen financial district coverage;

21st Thursday Nov 2019;

Lot of confusion around from morning; 

Luke warm response  had  @l b nagar work managed close  new one; many stickers have been removed;
Same with nellorelegends work;
8  field calls did; 
Activated Narsing  rao entry and l b nagar gouds submitted;
Saved few cell numbers;
4 new Stickers pasted ;
Known about most like insta post Egg:
One song clip posted on insta;
Most liked fb photo known:
Seen fb page creation video again:
World famous quotes read;
 Known that nellorelegends insta is my own laptops number:

Lot of #hashtags kept to insta; 

22nd Nov Friday 2019

Spent time @home entire day worked with nellorelegends and watching pinkball cricket match: Asked for few likes and had good response;  By night action blocked from insta:

23rd Nov Satday 2019;

Second day  no field work; but few imp things known;
Benefits of all social media for business known;
Social media and graphic design are very important;

10 Important things of life known: family; Faith; friends:

Most needed skills for life known; posive thinking g; networking;

***Another free photos app pixabay  known it's another power added to my armoury;

Few more Sweets pics added to  emeraldmithaishop;

Got back black ink pen purchased another gel pen;
Power of #hashtags known after reading article  but unable to update due to action blockade;
Most difficult things;  losing trust; lose tung known:
Most important app Canva known;
Maharashtra drama;
Metro flyover car accident known;
Lord Balaji pics are getting more engagement;
Nellore rly station logo kept for nellorelegends;

Watched cricket match;

Google business pages 4 new activations did for the day;

Action block continued for unfollowing many; so unable to load hashtags to be more careful from now;
Most important things of life known;
Family and friends;
Suguna came home; and appreciation  of ac and development her son's accident?
World most handsome men list seen Salman khan; 

24 th November sunday 2019;

Ajay met at morning: Had hair cut:
Sen called; Kishre called:
Triple indulgence;
Leveled followers count at nellorelegends;
Confusion of rs 500/_ missing;

25th Nov monday 2019
Most important thing of the day is I lost temper due to D  vitamin and Saree guys over action and owner lady indulgence triggered uneasy managed it anyway;
Action block continued that's another uneasy; Followed by failure of google maps activation ; another upset is forgot to carry stickers;

Cover Ghatkesar arial exposure had and known shifting of sro office;
Back fro home tried to get feedback for nellorelegends;
Days welcome moves are chinna call and vija Suresh call;

26th nov Tuesday 2019
Long drive to Ibrahimpatnam met lot of people there and also posted stickers;
Some data collected on the way; Again new exposure and developments seen;
Rajkumar called; chinna sent pictures;
Prasad called;

27th Wed day 2019
Day progressed without any planning; 
Skipped field work but it fetched to organize total google verified client list of me total 346:
kept Ibrahimpatnam and Zaheerabad writes link in blog;
changed hyderabadlistings contact  ph number to  my laptop number;
tirupati to Gta jio number;
Activated boora mahesh g plus;
Narsing Rao l b nagar called kept his entry on top;
During the research found that one site is giving hash tags so quickly tied to grab that idea and managed to post almost 500 hash tags but response was lukewarm but penalty had from insta end;
Diamonds posts kept to hyderabad listings developed it further with good pictures in night known history of Hyderabad and legends; power of vegitables and Fruits content  kept to nelloreinsta;
New idea had to post reviews with edited jpg of gta edited it;

28th Nov Thursday 2019;
Work managed at Rajendra nagar my review helped;
Had 3  new reviews and data collected and pasted stickers:
Managed park visit and 1 round walk and maintained  fitness;
Thank god Sugar level is ok;

Unexpected Disagreements contd at home:
Days idea is to collect data then followup;
Good content recd from whatsapp end and circulated it further;
Content posted to Hyderabad and nellore I sta is given fresh likes;
Lot of Telygu content posted to nellore insta;

29th Nov friday 2019;
Biggest setbacks of the day are; from the morning  poor  eye sight 
Dis respect from kiran yet  kishore helped;
 I must be clear before taking up  any digital marketing campaign with pakka commitments from clients this is evening story unexpected one for day anyway;

Night lost temper at begging guy at wine shop;

History and  "OldCoins" price at big price valuation seen on History TV; Slept late;

Disagreements over caste at home:
Girl rape incident and related unrest and disagreements at home on dress code and lost anger ....tweeted..thanking to police and KTR;

Met Decent electronics Bosch products   TV video display seen;

Got vizaginfo and vijayawadalegends insta ids is to fold managed to post 10 pics;
Nellorelegends further filled with Telugu content;

Loaded pics to Decent electronics; 
Known about Bosch products;
pragathiindustries and Sridvifertility;
Further trimmed google my biz entries;

Purchased Saturday and Sunday Rx books and Telugu velugu December issue; Bujji anna marriage anniversary wishes story;
Good idea for press ads emerged in night;
Pressure is ranging upon for things to buy at home.

30th Nov satday 2019;
Good thing of the day is visiting Asif Nagar meeting Bags manufacturer and detailing him :
Edited  GMB listings  from home;
Loaded lot of pictures to insta ids;
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