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Top hosiery shops in hyderabad and Secunderabad

Top hosiery shops in hyderabad and Secunderabad

hosiery shops in hyderabad
Ladida - Exclusive Lingerie Nightwear Nighties & Hosiery Store
 #6-3-349 Nagarjuna Circle, Road # 1 Banjara Hills, Punjagutta, 
Hyderabad, Telangana 500082
Phone: 040 4002 0267

Sri Vastra Sagar Hosiery
Shop No. 3, Sy No. 110, Bapuji Nagar, Old Bowenpally-Bowenpally, 
Hyderabad - 500011, Opp. Cost to Cost 

Rushi Hosiery kids & womens wear
Shop No 139&140First Floor, PVT Market, Kothapet, 
Hyderabad - 500035, Opposite Omni Hospital 

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my lifes worst incidents

Vegitable lady my mistake to get down from my byke; episode;
Left hand cash "gouchery";
Forcing to vacate table;
Suddenly adding things to bring;
To book Gas but ph top up;Touching my leg;
Lose tung;
Owner lady menace;
Lost temper on Saree guy:
Send commitment:
Stalker at park;
Seenaiah: madhu : Raguram non cooperation:
Not accepting and arguments; Walking out side; talking low voice;
Not listening and obeing;
Cat died and smell; Disrespect on my openion base calling issue;
**No reply when i ask question  and lost temper; 
Making me wait at door: pressing me to eat;
Over indulgence of mobile watching; and not listening to me supporting her family members;
Calling others;
nagging on chilly powder; Disturbance of sleeping on cot;
Not obeying request poster;
Constant health troubles;
Gua sellers  fruit over smartness;
Tv dish disconnected; ok managed;
Belly and trouser troubles;
Byke  bulbs head ache;
Statcounter poor stats???
Stickers not pasted correctly;
***Beggar Baba menace and Tention;

***Kirans thick Scin episode; No advance ; no caring; not keeping promise; my time wastage;

Calling at late nights by unknown people;
some one not allowing sticker at suraram;
strange looks at park;???
caterers removed me from their group; For msgs;
Disturbance of beggars on roads;

**sending sex clips to my twitter time line;
**over charging Price hike of Rx Books Byke;

*Objecting at Bar  out side food not allowed by Reddy;

Garbage Stink and Rats menace;
**Smokers ganja smoke menace near home;
parking troubles near home;
Costly affair of mirchis by near by  Bandi lady;

**cancelling project; sofa guy???;

seenaiahs attitude and disturbance;

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my own fitness problems; hand and Arthrities;

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rough and Rash driving of opp guy near home;

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Rough  attitude; Ramesh;
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***Adhesives pressure and sabotage;

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Problem witth   x roads and Somaiah & Ramesh;

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