Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31st Jan post

Days plans;
Creat wall sheet for Marketing Executives;
***see earliar runnings 1 hour;
Feb Rx fixations see and take print (10 minutes)
Scan yestrdays pic and post; 5 minits;
do some calls at market;
few things to keep at office;
prints of RX and Blogs and file them;
Creat wall sheet for Marketing Executives;
***see earliar runnings 1 hour;
1.Remove dust from office;eve;
2.Finalyse ads plan for the month;;

Retrieve e ads;

A must to catch this month goal of 500^3^6=9k;be brave;take help of Chalapathi and gandhi; 3ads to run again for warangal;launch idols again;
Got up early planned few things for the day in the other room;t id telusuna;adsense income was good;new change for the day is vilekhari is redirected to .in; editing option seems to be removed in blogger;Posted yesterdays entry;traffic ranks further gone down;Feb expected expenses chalked out;lekhari.in was available with net4 for rs 149/-.written annoying thigs of (L) visit; consolidations file created with lot of time;
seen sudden bangalore card purchased book things totally changed spent some time at office then to sadgun seen change of odds and failed fav maths baby; spent some time in office;later to rx; one success but 2 failures but new point gained;lot of pressure at home;some prints took;pic posted;
Thank god gta is Ok;Called syam; call from ramoji;called Gandhi;Chalapathi;kiran;No response from Naani;Call from Hubli guy;


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