Monday, September 10, 2012

10th sept post

morning spark academy  english poster brought home; evening raju ganesh idols pic took and some idols story known moving idols;to check that goel medical shop guy; never ever to touch plus 60 kgs at rx thats new point for the day;white saree of GTA for the day;night 1 hour net surfing at sadgun cafe it was rush;1 more new id from thre hunger pangs while surfing;

Days important idea is in future blog ids will become very important to flash this idea on news paers to as many ids possible;

friendship did with one security gurad at HRC also seen some trainers; nellore dhoti guy seen at HRC; some colors of race horse owners and some trainers identified;Even after shock at Rx managed field work;

; jaladi venkateswarlu; sro rajendra nagar;

DW failure at golkonda office; at rajendra nagar my number is 44; one sticker kept at rajendra nagar;
One poster seen of tpsjrc;
night at home lot of R& D abt rx owners;jockeys etc; posted;
ip  of stats work continued; sugar level was193;
sedicious content known;

sunday 9th

missed chance to see inthespotlight; and ps mount also missed;uniformity couldnt be maintained;overall 6 more mistakes identified;

10th sept;
Another shock in the morning with someones call ;later ps chouhans ;one more mistake got identified; 3 calls at field work;nrn at VZG;rx attempts edited again;roshnihyd suicide help site;tweetd; evening sugar levles OK;few more movie reviews posted;stats work continued;

MY horse racing Failures

culhane vijays f(last time winner)
1.azkynthos(not winner) trainer,3.cent percent(not winners)
4.Ranthambore(not winner)
6.vijays champ(winner)
7.rising power(w)
8.silver silver(b)
9.spirit of mercy
10.agnibaan(became rd)
11.brunello(last time winner) symphony
14.borsalino(lost by short head)
15.lughting eyes
16 attribute(became third)
17.chemin defer(became second)
18.ocean and beyond(became trird)
19 volterra(3)
20 smart strider(#) strider aquired taste(lost by whisker)
23.pune with nrn;
24.wings of glory9boardout)


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