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race horse owners in india

dr &mr mrs vijay mallya
dr mam rama swamy
deepak khaitan
curus poonawallas
jamshad appo
mr h arresh n mehta
rakesh kumar wardhawan
 m/s s m ruia
mr mrs shapoor mistry
darius rafat
 dr suresh chintamani
mr and mrs mohan thakur
M/S sr sanas
mr shiven surendranath
miss ameeta mehra
mr mrs vijay shrike;dhunjibhoy
mr 7 mrs shapoor mistry
mr farooq  begum lagad
mr chapaklal zaveri
mrs christineglen dinsha p shroff
jaydev mody
gefry b nagpal
satvinder sigh soni

 nd talati nozer panthaki
dilip thomas
 magan singh p jodha

  • Mr. Geoffrey Nagpal - President
  • Mr. Mahesh Thakkar - Vice President
  • Mr. Hoshang Nazir - Hon. Secretary
  • Mr. Keky S. Patel - Treasurer
  • Mr. Gautam Lala
  • Begum Shaherbanoo Lagad
  • Mrs. Deepa Dhunjibhoy
  • Mr. Dilip Goculdas
  • Mr. Jiyaji Bhosale
  • Mr. Dara Mehta
  • Mr. Mehernosh Deboo
  • Mr. Tinder Ahluwalia
  • Mr. Pheroze Vazifdar
  • Mr. Nazir Shaikh
  • Mr. Don Surti
  • Mr. Sudhir Ruia
  • Mr. Shiven Surendranath
  • Mr. Pervez Andhyarjina

1. Oats - Don Surti, Ashwin Mehta
2. Prospectus - Geoffrey Nagpal, Hoshang Nazir, Gautam Lala
3. Finance - Mahesh Thakkar, Deepa Dhunjibhoy, Dara Mehta
4. Mumbai Grand Stand/Racecourse/Stables - Begum Shaherbanoo Lagad, Deepa Dhunjibhoy,
J.K.Rattonsey,Mehernosh Deboo
5. Newsletter - Geoffrey Nagpal, Ashwin Mehta, Gautam
6. Medication - Geoffrey Nagpal, Hoshang Nazir
7. Approval of New Owners - Hoshang Nazir,
DeepaDhunjibhoy, Rustom Vakil
8. Tracks - Rustom Vakil, Mehernosh Deboo
9. Vet. Hospital - Hoshang Nazir, Dilip Goculdas
10.Pune Grand Stand/Racecourse - Jiyaji Bhosale,
11. Cups & Trophies - Gautam Lala, Begum
Shaherbanoo Lagad

race horse trainers in india


 h j antia
 Sk sunderji
 I A sait
n lagad
karthi g
b chenoy
 MK jadav
S S shah
 FA Abbas
A hussain
m Nareedu
sanjay Kohsle
rehanullah khan
A jodha
Shyam s babu
N cama
A Dajee
  SN Joshi
I fernandes
C D Catrak
Dr anil
 Zadmal singh
mrs lalvani
h daji
subhang s
DJ sruthi
Himat singh
n ragunath
vijay singh
amjad khan
  s attollahi dhariwal
neil dharashah
 rd mellow
vijay singh
bharat singh
a doctor
d david
 javed  jasbir
shafiq khan
d buramji
p quin
j shephens
r v gowli
 r alord
n ragunath

race horse jockeys in india;weights of indian jockeys

neeraj 47
s zervan 48
sandesh 48

PS C 49p
 cs jodha 49
tushar nemane 49

i chisty 51 
dk ashish 51 half
p trevor 51

gnaneshwar 54
ajit roy 53
shailesh 45

n s parmar 48
b guang 55 plus
kishore kadam 50
mohit singh 53

c alford 53 P
c rajendra 54
Culhane 54
b prakash 56p
harish 55P

ravinder s 50
n rawal 49
a imran k 57

kuldeep 48
nitin singh 45
m jagdale 48
m mark 54
lakshmi kant 49
laxman 53

gb khade 52

n jodha 50
abhishek 53

dasrath singh 47

merchant 50
t s jodha 52
m kharadi 49

n bhujbal 44p

j chinoy 50
p kamlesh 51
z sayyed 49
i pasha 46
ashhad asbar 49
p naidu 52
s mosin 48
b sreekanth 54
suraj 53
r marshal 52
s john 55
 vr desousa 56
appu 53
f dasilva 52

vivek 50

how many times i managed my temper;

10th sept post

morning spark academy  english poster brought home; evening raju ganesh idols pic took and some idols story known moving idols;to check that goel medical shop guy; never ever to touch plus 60 kgs at rx thats new point for the day;white saree of GTA for the day;night 1 hour net surfing at sadgun cafe it was rush;1 more new id from thre hunger pangs while surfing;

Days important idea is in future blog ids will become very important to flash this idea on news paers to as many ids possible;

friendship did with one security gurad at HRC also seen some trainers; nellore dhoti guy seen at HRC; some colors of race horse owners and some trainers identified;Even after shock at Rx managed field work;

; jaladi venkateswarlu; sro rajendra nagar;

DW failure at golkonda office; at rajendra nagar my number is 44; one sticker kept at rajendra nagar;
One poster seen of tpsjrc;
night at home lot of R& D abt rx owners;jockeys etc; posted;
ip  of stats work continued; sugar level was193;
sedicious content known;

sunday 9th

missed chance to see inthespotlight; and ps mount also missed;uniformity couldnt be maintained;overall 6 more mistakes identified;

10th sept;
Another shock in the morning with someones call ;later ps chouhans ;one more mistake got identified; 3 calls at field work;nrn at VZG;rx attempts edited again;roshnihyd suicide help site;tweetd; evening sugar levles OK;few more movie reviews posted;stats work continued;

barfi movie review

Barfee is a romantic, murder mystery being directed by Anurag Basu, starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D'Cruz. Ranbir Kapoor will play the role of a deaf person and Priyanka Chopra will be seen as a mentally-challenged girl.

To Rome With Love movie review

Movie Review: Now here is a movie from none other than the maker of the all-time favourite Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen. He not only directs To Rome with Love; he also happens to be the man behind the script (Woody Allen is the writer too)... and he also stars in this movie. And disappoint he does not at least when it comes to his performance. In fact, To Rome with Love scores purely for the huge star cast, and then for the performances put forth by the same cast.

The four sub-plots involve 1) a young small-town Italian couple who arrive in Rome right after their marriage. The duo manages to give you an ample dose of adult humour. Special mention: Penelope Cruz who not only looks her glam self, but has the whole of Rome wanting more of Anna (read her). 2) Then there is a retired opera director (Woody Allen) and his wife ( Judy Davis) who visit Rome to meet their future son-in-law... and eventually end up talent hunting. Now this is the couple that gives you maximum food for thought... and laughter. 3) Next is a famous architect ( Alec Baldwin) who travels down memory lane, literally, courtesy a young architecture student ( Jesse Eisenberg) living in Rome, 4) followed by an ordinary citizen of Rome (Roberto Benigni) who one fine morning finds himself as part of the creme de la creme.

life is beautiful telugu movie trailor,synapsys

Life Is Beautiful is an upcoming Telugu film written, produced and directed by Sekhar Kammula. The film stars six newcomers with Shriya SaranAnjala Zaveri and Amala Akkineni in key roles.The movie is being produced by Sekhar Kammula under his Amigos Creations banner. Soundtrack of the film was composed by Mickey J Meyer and the cinematography was handled by Vijay C. Kumar.

he official synopsis for Life Is Beautiful says, "It is a coming of age story of six youngsters, set in the beautiful nostalgic world of a working-middle class neighborhood. The film tracks their journey through the different seasons, festivals, romances, street cricket, colony fights, and family gatherings. With the beginning of responsibilities, and adulthood looming around the corner, their dreams and aspirations bring them all together, to make the whole experience magical. Life is Beautiful is a story about new beginnings. It is a celebration of life and its smaller joys."

rx failure attemts

culhane vijays f(last time winner)
1.azkynthos(not winner) trainer,3.cent percent(not winners)
4.Ranthambore(not winner)
6.vijays champ(winner)
7.rising power(w)
8.silver silver(b)
9.spirit of mercy
10.agnibaan(became rd)
11.brunello(last time winner) symphony
14.borsalino(lost by short head)
15.lughting eyes
16 attribute(became third)
17.chemin defer(became second)
18.ocean and beyond(became trird)
19 volterra(3)
20 smart strider(#) strider aquired taste(lost by whisker)
23.pune with nrn;
24.wings of glory9boardout)


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