Monday, February 02, 2015

pick N wear cloth show room Tirupati

pick N wear cloth show room Tirupati

  2. Clothing Store
  3. Address: 113,TK Street, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501
    Phone:098666 33664

28th jan onwrds

3g for one month atiated;
Miled to castling;
tablets purchased;ksv called;loaded donor pics;ghad bad at home;

29th jn Bwawa nd Bujjis visit no field work;Rukmini raman conncted;

30th jn Last 50 yer analysed;2 succes stories with Gopal; and Timber; Met Jeweller an settled ramoji dues;Mt Syam ans spnt some time; Cash deposited to castlingit for Domain;

31st Jan; Ramoji joined back;6 field calls;At Saikm Jolali 2 issues;Morning hair cut; SRO;3 new dresses;Kamal called; Reduced;

1 st Fe sunday thermocol board at home;


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