Monday, December 30, 2019

Digital marketing proposal

Dear Mr 
this is with reference to our personal meeting iam here with sending proposal and quotation.

We need to do current  keyword identification process of your company; 

We Have to review   existing performance of keywords, Weneed to do  Backlink audit.
we need to review  your current content quality review; and Social media  presence review;
we   identified problems that need to be fixed and establish a baseline in which to measure future SEO efforts.We suggest  you need action on these fronts;
detailed recommendation of the SEO strategy and direction better to  follow for optimum results.

Current tasks:

Master Keyword Research.
Understand Your Competition.
Plan Your  keyword friendly web site
Optimize Your Site....
Produce Regular Content.

Digital marketing Campaign;
Plan;Build Your Social Media Network  major platforms like  Google Maps,  Instagram Blogger.  
Understand Google Analytics.
Pick a keywords
unique and relevant title and meta description on every page.

Monthly charges are Rs  10,000/- for paid campaigns On google and Instagram, ;plus campain  set up cost 
Rs 2000 /-costs for  each social media chaneel Etc must be born by your company.
Unpaid campaingns on Google and Instagram  setup cost Rs 2000/- plus charges extra for any posts;

Note: SEO and Social media promotion are not  one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. SEO  and Social media promotions requires a long-term outlook and commitment.Results often take months to see, and this is especially true the smaller you are, and the newer you are to doing business online.Build a great web site.Include a site map page.

Once you agree with these guide lines we can start promotion and campaigns  after receving 3 months campaign cost  payment  of proposed project cost.

We will report on performance on a  monthly basis.

Thanking you.
Assuring best results.

K.V Ramana
Digital Marketing Consultant

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Insta proposal mailer

Hi   Digital Marketing team
Greetings of the day!

congratulations thats nice content... from you.. We have a great news for your benefit..that is  to collaborate with your Brand.and share  you Social media content content with  our huge ..followers on our Social media channels such as facebook, Instagram and twitter  amounting to ;5 lakh plus;

All  authentic reports will be sent periodically.

Pls reply me positively.

With warm regards.

K.V. Ramana.
Digital Marketer
Mob 9347107468

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Advocates in kavadiguda Hyderabad

Advocates in kavadiguda Hyderabad

P.Kamalakar B Sc LLB,
 mob 9885043415
Off; 6-6-125/a/14 1 st floor
besides SBH kavadiguda branch

Top Advocates and lawyers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

P Vishnuvardhan Reddy
House No 3-6-237/1, Flat No.402, 
R K Residency, 
Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad - 500029, 
Lane Beside Minerva Hotel 

PVC Pipes & Fitting Centre Ranigunj Hyderabad

PVC Pipes & Fitting Centre Ranigunj Hyderabad

PVC Pipes & Fitting Centre Ranigunj Hyderabad

PVC Pipes & Fitting Centre Ranigunj Hyderabad

PVC Pipes & Fitting Centre

PVC Pipes & Fitting Centre
Shop No 4-3-143, Sayam Market, Hill Street, Ranigunj, Sec-Bad, Hill Street, Ranigunj-Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003, Satyam Market Building

contact Madhukar Sayam

PlumbersSanitaryware Dealers
Water Tank Dealers-
SintexWater Tank Dealers
PVC Pipe Dealers
Plumbing Contractors
MS Pipe Dealers
Wire Dealers-FinolexPipe Dealers
Container Dealers

Other top PVC Pipes Dealers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Sri Ganesha Marketing
4-3-72, Hill Street, Ranigunj-Secunderabad, 
Hyderabad - 500003, Near City Light Hotel
Sri Laxmi Sales Corporation
Door No 5-1-306, Ranigunj-secunderabad, 
Hyderabad - 500003, Old Gasmandi
Teja Borewell Motors
House No 4-3/24, Friends Colony, Manikonda, 
Hyderabad - 500089, Beside Sreemedha School 
Khandelwal Sales Corporation
House No 1-3-1-/A/119, Padmashali Colony, Kavadiguda, 
Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003, 
Opposite CGO Office, Behind Old Kalpana Theatre
Sai Srinivasa Marketing Agencies
House No 3-11-482/2, Shivaganga Colony, 
L B Nagar, Hyderabad - 500074, Opposite Karur Vysya Bank 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sri Sai Latha Aluminium Job Works Kavadiguda Hyderabad

Sri Sai Latha Aluminium Job Works

1-3-1026/3/7, near Mch Garriage, 
SBI Colony, Solitier Residency, Bhagyalaxmi Nagar, 
Kavadiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500080

092463 61264

Aluminium Fabricators
Aluminium Door Dealers
Aluminium Window Dealers
False Ceiling Dealers
Door Dealers
Air Blower Dealers
Aluminium Door Fabricators
Aluminium Window Fabricators
Aluminium Partition Manufacturers
Aluminium Cabin Dealers
Aluminium Merchants
False Flooring Dealers
Door Fabricators
Aluminium Modular Cabin Dealers
False Flooring Manufacturers

Monday, December 16, 2019

Quick tasks;

Identify 50  who are not there in insta; then meet them;; 

identify top 30 brands to co promote  (share)and try them; send insta msg and meet them 

SEO pls

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sai Ram Florist secunderabad

Sai Ram Florist  secunderabad

Sri Sai Ram Florist
Opposite Rail Nilayam, Rail Nilayam,
Hyderabad - 500025, Rail Nilayam Opp

B O P Florist Secunderabad

BOP Florist Secunderabad
S D Road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003, Opp St Ana School 
Cell 6309589227


Flower Decorators
Florists Home Delivery
Flower Shops
Flower Decoration Services
24 Hours Florists
Flower Garland Dealers
Florists For International
24 Hours Florists Home Delivery
Florists For Office Decoration
Florists For Corporate
Florists For All India
Flower Decoration Corporate

Flower Decorators
Florists Home Delivery
Flower Shops
Flower Decoration Services
24 Hours Florists
Flower Garland Dealers
Florists For International
24 Hours Florists Home Delivery
Florists For Office Decoration
Florists For Corporate
Florists For All India
Flower Decoration Corporate

Other Top floruists in Hyderabad and secunderabad 
Sri Sai Ram Florist 
Opposite Rail Nilayam, Rail Nilayam, 
Hyderabad - 500025, Rail Nilayam Opp

M A Flower Decorators 
H. No 17-12, Gajularamaram, 
Hyderabad - 500055, Near umcc

Sdb Flower Decorations 
H. No 334/3, Suraram Colony, Jeedimetla, 
Hyderabad - 500055, Ramleela Maidan

Sri Sai Ram Florist 
H. No 334/3, Suraram Colony, 
Jeedimetla, Hyderabad - 500055, Ramleela Maidan

Srikara Events 
Plot No 102, Vani Vihar Appartments, Street No 5, 
Habsiguda, Hyderabad - 500007, Kapil Chit Funds Lane

Ramesh Flower Decorators
Plot No 39, Safilguda-malkajgiri, Hyderabad - 500047, 
Opposite to Bus Stop, Old Safilguda

Sunday, December 01, 2019

December 2019

1st December Sunday
Skipped Rx again;
New point is foreign jockey will try ie jockey power;
Loaded pics to insta ids;
Further known about tough behaviors and how to deal with such situations;
Worked with GmB again;
Thanks Kishore called;
Enjoyed song; movie entertainment;

2nd Dec 2019 Monday;
Morning park visit followed lot of people and got action blocked;
Good day on the whole;
Activated supergifts.official insta id;
 Met food exd loaded pics and 4 stickers pasted told him about reviews;
Took some pics of road side business;
Met florist he said ok;
Met vamshi  boys known lot of things  about pets and Aquariums;
Met Maagaani seen  varieties of vegetables and gave him leaflet sampradaya;

Success got at moosapet with 2 payouts;

Dec 3 rd tuesday 2019
Called Prasad about Tortoise;
Ajay met at night;
 #hastags kept for most of insta projects; Followup did with super gifts and Decent electronics and Food exd;
Further consolidated google listings on hand; Few calls did at secretariat;
gas at home delivered;
Loans guy called and waited for him;
met notary khadi and jewellers;

4th Dec 2019 wed day
Reached 900 posts @ insta with many ids;
Action blockade contd;
Almost followed 1000  new people;
Got 2 new ista ids florist and foodexd;
Need jeweller  for insta now;
Twitter follower is worth $ 2.50
Consolidated google listings  further;

5th Dec Thursday 2019;
Shirt shopping Mehffil Biryani episodes took away the day from work;
Ph no of Mehfil guy got;
Hyderabadilistings Insta improved with many #hashtags; Organised GMB further;
New points are go to video content and comment on many pictures of insta;

6 th Dec Friday 2019;
Again no work day  due marriage attandance at Hotel green park;
News of encounter of 4 boys who raped girl recently; By evening total GMB listings control is on hand; Another hinch got anything can be achieved after control work of GMB successfully;
Flash got to capture  social media market very swiftly with team and ads;

7th dec satday 2019;
Worked on hyd listings:

8th dec sunday 2019:
Worked on hyd listings kept lot of hashtags;
Food exd payout got; Electricity bill contributed;
Adhesive guy called:

9th Dec Monday 2019;
Morning seen few movies on whatsapp  got knowledge and edited ids accordingly (Dogs);
After 4 day work gap worked in field and did 12 calls one closing had and 3 new reviews plus some data;
Throught the day added listings and #Hastags and good pictures to hyderabadlistings:
Night news paper bill problem emerged;

10 dec tuesday 2019
2 payouts got at Golkonda:
Trouble had from  byke at Rajendra nagar serious troble; no guarantee for life;

11th dec wedday 2019;
Total rest @ home ; Some relief had from pains Owner Bhaskar gave tablets:
Continued to build up hashrags to Hyderabadlistings posts; By evening some relief got from pain;
One adgiven to insta hyderabad_  guy paid thru paytm had good response; of likes; Watched Cricket match smashinhg hits and entertainment;

12th Dec Thursday 2019;
After days total rest made a visit to parl as usual met Dog guy;
Unexpected time had to be spent for samsung system update at park; Insta reched verification for lekhari and hyderabalistings;
WhatsApp mags sent upto 15 people some of them have seen;
Called Mehfil guy he gave appointment:
Not much of them are following;
Confusion continued;
Throught the developed hyderabadlistings and posted entries from blog;
Night uma and Ajay called for money:

13th Dec Friday 2019;
As per plan met Mehfil guy hes promising known few details price and quality battle;
Did few calls near by then took hill turn to come back which is result of Bykes poor pulling power;
Follow up did with Bags guy he responded positively; Night big stretch of postings g content to insta did well even with power cut for some time: Night sleep disturbance due to after noon rest ;Neibourhood boys request for Milk was surprising;

14th Sat day Dec 2019:
Evening blog template changed;
Followup Decentelectronics guy:
Likes and watchful day; worked for jasmine;
seen current document Writers ranking on google satisfied and also posted reviews on google about vilekhari;
Continued insta listings  posting work known hits so far to be 12k for hyderabad listings;

15th Dec Sunday 2019; 
Suffered from severe pain; Read about Clorozoxazone; Few more hashtags posted and hot one response by night;

Poor Chicken for the day:
Good Dosa taste at home; Had Dosa for  lunch and Dinner also;
Worked for Jasmine project for some time;
Sharing big clients content idea followed and sent to few people and also saved some of their posts:

16th Dec Mon day 2019
Daily 10 call average statistics did;
Another SEO door opened through justdial;
Worked in after noon near Kavadiguda area; 3.5 k hope;
Caugh and unberable pain:
Called Sanbrains for Insta 10k;
few more hashtags posted;

17th Dec Tuesday 2019;
Activated ultimate; ilyaz; and prabhakar reddy GMB;
Sent more than 30 insta messages with improved content had 2 responses;
edited sai krupa number;
loaded yesterdays fabbrication number;
had 2 action blockades;
reposted few of instagram promos;
night  ews of  village childhood friend Nagrajs death; Modis bro arrival at Tirupati;
18th Dec 2019 Wed day;
Hyderabadlistings disabled: request sent with proof; Shockwaves continued entire day; had Captain cook chai;
night Chicken steak and Biryani;
worked and got Reddy dw kavadiguda payout ;
few more calls and data collected;

19th Dec Thursday 2019;
Gave ad in insta kajalfans for Rs 200/_  and and got edited photo of lekhari with kajal;
visited weddingscapes guy latter seen their photos  later; worked at Narsingi got 2 payouts  nearby Data collected; Still no reply from fb;
Seen posts of Kajal;

20th Dec 2019 Friday;
Ad ran for jasmine pet mart and also promoted it to twitter;
No  morning park visit due to sleep;
Dint had food at home; What if this relationship breaks analysys did;
worked at Bahadurpura no Use no payouts data collected and analysed Shadaab hotel reviews seen ; new Areas like Hussani Alam known; Madina Hotel exposed; Aded few more reviews;
Slept lot after work; while wait at Bahadurpura SRO  and later  retrieved some entries google current position;
Ajay met at night guidance for become a tutor:
Night Dinner outside parcel;

21st Dec satday 2019;
Managed park visit bit late; Seen Rx ; Reply recd from fb; Data collected and retrieved : New point from Star Superior suraj; prasad met at Malakpet; some kind of depression throught the day:

22nd Dec Sunday 2019;
loneliness and nothing else;  day pssed some how; Cricket match and 2 movies of Mahesh Babu enjoyed;

23rd Dec Monday 2019;
late park visit but heavy monday traffic;
Quickly looked info last 10 years  December months; Eorked at Ranigunj and closed 2 listings; Gta created jasmibepetmart Christmas wish;
new light at home;
quickly read soft skills @google;

24th Dec 2019 Tuesday;
Confidence gained after google spedered jasminepetmart fir the first time gave few more likes; Developed hydlistings with top 20 posts: Added hyderabad big brands;
mistry body builders insta seen; Things arranged to home;posted 2 yesterday entries; Eork at Ranigunj dint fetch anything; Good Data collected  from field and  later retrieved;

25th Dec Christmas day 2019;
No work day due to Christmas;
Miracle has happend got back  insta hyderabadlistings;

Most powerful words;
Regional Dialect Sentiment of language  Religion; Caste;

Bakers Q ad in Eenadu seen idea emeged; Gas stomach disturbance due to over night Chat or Chutney;

Most of the day spent with editing 2019 successful events and uneasy things;

Unexpectedly had chat took Mehfil Biryani met Narayanaguda latha family;
 jio 3 gb recharge did as it was slow;
Samantha cap of Samantha posted as Christmas greetings:
Added 5 entries of pipes to blog;

26th Dec Thursday 2019;
Surya Geahanam day tweeted and sent msgs; recd one msg by  shares stock company interested in only i sta but my poor follower base?

Retrieved few more google position;
No park visit slept lot: noted few cell numbers from tv;

Few more posts kept for Hyderabadlistings seen all posts once again;
Ajay called then o changed gear called Nrn, vja suresh; Koti; Chinna; Balaji;
Heavily pressed for Vegitabkes and Dhobi charges;

27th Dec Friday 2019;
Fact finder; Got up bit early seen stats of all google listings surorise to know that its very difficult to get calls even after getting top Rank in google maps removed few listings;

My initiative proved first with Cat her gentle touch; little Girls walk; yoga guys excersizes and interaction; Tention after watching neibour walking on Muggu must  reduce; gtas hand pain hospital visit plan shifted away quickly due to Tiffen and her rejection;
Called Prasad for suggestion he sent link;
Qwickly seen nellore clients current ranking and sent Ajay called dr j p reddy:

Called Legend guy; Interacted with whatsapp groups; Had Puri outside;
Worked near Ranigunj had one review;
Night read back last year jan diary;
Good interaction had from whatsapp groups;

28th Dec satday 2019;
Had chat with Ajay; Updated some insta projects;

Worked near Ranigunj got 2 positives;
Ajay closed 2 payouts from Nellore and transfered;

29th Dec Sunday 2019;
Early to park;
Upma flopped at home; lot of insta work did from morning; Added many hashtags;

30th dec 2019
 met water guy and hope got  Kavadiguda dw payout got; night trouble at home; slept on sofa;

31 dec 2019 tuesday:
Depressive morning ; followed by drinka;
Spent gta sponcered party night with Ajay; Kishore