Monday, March 01, 2010

1 st march 2010

Hard pressed again for cash at morning surprisingly.another head ache from mother this day too need to settle this very usual managed morning workouts etc.morning field work failed but managed net postings.attended syams shop but no assurance of any type that led to speedy decicion of going to srikalahasti and that saved for the day miraculous 4 entries but again congress meeting disturbed .some more data collected from skht.

During 1 hour net time at after noon managed to post blog and one id.felt more comfort by bus than scooter.Morning at home sunday ads cam did. flash idea for the day is :i must catch and close VIDYABALAN twitter contract.

Followup did for jana to complete vdk code work.during the travel to skht read blog and not wasted time.
2 more ids again into hand ie:lancogroup,suruchifoods,sribio.

Met Bliss hotel people night.

28th feb post

good day anyway!

New knowledge through daily news papers.Syam called to his shop i went there and his new plans discussed about keeping idols at tirumala also discussed.Again problem at home.New coverage of twitter in times and the hindu gave new hopes.Heat has further progressed creating fear of how to work in Morning sessions in future.Thru Syams contact booked rooms for his clients at hotel bliss is a new turn for the day.Afternoon rest at home.More chicken food menace had to be faced.Managed to post blog post in the evening and another id kalyaniads, and also manged to tweet and mailed to few more people.

Resot and Spa suits well for twitter.Social media coverge by times.i may need to email 8 times to close new idea emerged.feb income 9250/-.


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