Sunday, April 17, 2016

8th sept Thursday 2016

8th Sept Thursday 2016:

Vasavi payout fetched for the day; Pavan,ameen,D V rao Sensational Crime cell 9197138719; PRG G plus code received; Morning met provisions.Physiotherapist; evening  Sree lakshmi events, Aravind caterer had his commitment for Monday; met lady of inners; Purchased washing machine anyway;

3 g plus activations for the day did;Sree lakshmi Events,Swagruha, mailed jana reply had; Counter eenadu ads to be 68; 5 more hollywood cds purchased;


Consolidate lenivi;  Telugu Velugu:
listout hope finders; ( Hotels new launches;)

Gold loan; washing machine; Payout of Vasavi  : Incoming calls;???
pavan:Call Nagasai Curries Krishana cell; 7396051595;
Collect Eenadu ads;further;
washing machine;
F P;

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