Monday, March 30, 2020

Ecommerce strategy and startup tips

 Ecommerce strategy and  startup tips

 Ecommerce strategy and  startup tips

Ecommerce strategy and  startup tips
Think like a customer.
Intertwine your email and social. 
Learn through doing. 
Maximize email to convert customers. 
Use (and maximize) a funnel approach.
Find a backend system that can grow with you. 
Map out a customer's journey.
Take risks and be willing to fail. 
Never stop networking. 
Learn your niche. ...
Be a consummate student. 
Don't worry about your wallet… 
Be flexible and listen to the market. 
Take care of yourself.
credit card usage tips
Pay Off the Balance With the Highest APR First. 
Look at all of your balances and the interest rates associated with each. 
Pay Off the Card with the Lowest Balance First. 
Consolidate Your Debt to a Single Card or Loan. 
Make Your Budget Work for You. 
Be Realistic.
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