Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Recent Discomfortable things;

Leg pains; 
Maid s menace
Apes menace;
Hunger pangs;
Poor sleep;
------------------------- Rain doubt;
Tiredness of Sangareddy byke travel;
Rush at SRO
Back pain;
No power
----------------------------- Chengaiahs catastrophy; 
Double Indulgence
Unable to Get Pics; 
No cash at atms;
Gta shopping took too long;
Someones disturbance at wineshop;
Kalyans video and no response;
Byke lights problem
No Insulin stock

its taking long time to reach rx Youngsters shoutings near samosa eatout;
Speedings on the roads by others;
Body pains; Eye Vision problems;
Apes continued behaviour  issue;
Satish and travel to BHEL; then his  Adhhar card took back;
not stopping at Xerox, Blurred vision?? Chins doubt? leg pains,
Irksome Bus travel; Boring share auto travel with more halts and waiting; Poor audience for blog; 
Eye pain  & Nagging
disagrrements; fitness problems;
Twitter followers are losing despite regular  tweets;
Eye and walking problems back pains;  
Poor Adsence income; 
Huge duplicate content to remove; 
Apes  disturbance;
Pain in Eye after laser treatment;
Whatsapp failures;
Clear Acting &  ignoring; Stomach disturbance; Dogs barkings at Night;
rx failures latest; Found new points;
Watchmans expectation; Byke;
Sunday expectation clearly failed;
child  Non sense;
Dr sushma over charging issue and posted review;
 janas sabotage; mgr Mall  issue;
Pavan not in touch; Finally he called but has health issues;
keys gta;
Boys menace at tirupati;
Morning tiffen cost objection at KPHB; Un expected and related disturbance;
Bujji; Gopal; Akka; sekhar; Chinna  selfish attitudes;
scin itching  related trouble;
A/c Guys over charging affair;;
Manohar reddy. Neibour water;
munawwer non cooperation;
C nagar Owners problem issue ;
NRN; RamI reddy issues;
Narsimhuloo non response??
Fired  Ramoji; shyam;
Bhupal colony owners wife menace gangaram function hall issue;
sarada sarees issue;
Mohan; vasu; Ramana; Non response ??
Kamalakar; raju; ajay;gandhi; satyam;
Rx chalapathi; Rx rama Chandra; Gudur guy; Rx jana;  RX Sivaiah;
baburao; Brahmins issue;
shravan tatari;
Kumuthini; sabotage;
Shilpa; Gollapalli babu; Sridhar; Apro azeez;
; Earla Naidu;
Padmakar reddy; raghu ram; jaybaul;
Paul; Marcos;
bala krishna; mahesh reddy; chandra;
Sudhkar reddy lic;
sankyo murali;

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