Wednesday, October 05, 2016

6th octber thursday 2016

6th october Thursday 2016;
Acupressure guy and DW nadeem piad came back bit quickly; again head ache at home;

Hitech; rajendra;
whatsapp group limit 256; no limit on number of groups;

Reviews impact people's buying decisions and the businesses everyone likes a good story;Restaurant was crowded;staff ignored you outright;Horrible experience;Negative reviews draw the most attention;On February 11th, I stopped by;Overall, my experience with the Roadrunner ;
Get the names and ingredients of certain dishes;Document your experience by taking pictures;Briefly describe the product or service;okay food, terrible service;checking for proper grammar and spelling;

255 million active Twitter users generating more than 500 million Tweets per day;
60% of respondents say they’ve made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter.
Reply to @mentions ;
Incorporate humor, inspiration and newsworthy content to draw followers in.
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