Sunday, March 05, 2017

6th March Monday 2017


6th March Monday 2017;
1.Tried Munawwer;2. Nainar gopi;
3.Came back to Tirupati Seen Nagarjuna movie;
First day of AP assembly;
4.Met Chinna;
5.Tasty egg curry;
6.Got payout of Global ad size problem but met two guys there and had exposure;
7.Met Vrdhan florist mamamia and had good feed back on bouquets;
8.Met Anand and had his feedback;
9.again problem from house owner lady;
10.Met furniture guys at RC road; Same guy; card recd from chinna;
met birds;
papers released;
gave papers to office;sadguru venkatadri express;
called mr ads;
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