Sunday, May 21, 2017

22nd May Monday 2017; adv planning;

Forgot to carry notebook; sunildevelopers t id took; Morning data consolidation work did from home; 2 pockets of milk to Home;  Gave Gta 500-; The hindu scanned; Jyothy; tweeted; Amrutha shopping mall feedback sent to Google; Sent msg to Pavan and he responded; 5k onhand; Sent msg to sunil developers; Edited mynellore for Pavan again;

Amrutha shopping mall resolved; new hotel closed; Activated vinayaka suppliers; sent msg to sadgun atp;Called; Pavitrabandham; Met PVC; TOOLS; silpakala; paints; Called jana;
sent REACH BUSINESS SYSTEMS  099639 71417 tirupati
Sent msg  Gattimelam;A.PRAKASH 9966222757
pavitrabandham;8309827782 ; 84669 02776

Shri Pavan Traders  8977723143, 8801858522
Sadgun fertility 84648 72789

Idli Ravva arranaged to home; Purchased Insulin; Razor;
Naresh Opticals failed again;

Naresh Opticals; Night;

pendings payouts on hand

Send messages;

maruthi customs CELL: 9885967234
geetha lights nellore  090307 39751
APSARA CATERERS nellore 91336 66682 , 99493 79786
mk pharmacy; 9100416121,8790826596
CONTACT K.S.Pridviraj


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