Monday, May 22, 2017

23rd May Tuesday 2017

Had Sugr testing directly from home by callhealth; Sesha paddu renued; Pavan gave golden shake hand in afternoon; gave gta money; Needles purchased; Visited office filing did;

failed to continue sms parampara but pavan boosted it;
Naresh Failed again; 3 g topup did for laptop; Content for MGR mall prepapred; jana and sunnetha have called;
Sent way2sms msg to pavan;

Took prints from cafe;  lot of updates did for g plus clients from cafe; cafe timing issue; Missed night etv news;
Hi i have sent mgs to shri pavan,gattimelam, ramthulasi ,konada km,gangaram km;TNR: Camera centre, global ac followup them
Rto venture;

REACH BUSINESS SYSTEMS  099639 71417 tirupati
Sent msg  Gattimelam;A.PRAKASH 9966222757
Shri Pavan Traders  8977723143, 8801858522 
K E Krishna Murthy; dpty minister;

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