Thursday, February 27, 2020

my failure attempts

my failure attempts Biggest time wasters;

I want to update my failures which may be partly failure;

1. Continous struggle to get adsense income;
2. Used whatsapp to get projects;
3. Twitter handles; Partly successful;
4. instagram handles;
5. insta ids;
6. Realtors data world wide;
7. Youtube videos  income;
8. SEO;
9. Blogging;
10. rx attempts;
11. shl;
12.  Google  map renewals payouts to get by phonepay;
13. Tpt Office;
14. Thulasi;
15. whatsapp groups;
16. lakhs of instagram followers;
17. sufficient income;
18. my own team at different locations;
19. to sustain kajal followerbase;
20. Uma and Sr Scientifics trust;
21. ugly turn at chinna; Vja chinna; gtas chinnanna;
Drohis sabotage; kiarns attitude;
Partly success stories;
20 years of nelloretimes;

1. twitter handles;
2. instagram jasminepetmart;
3. twitter;
4. gta; usha; gold;




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