Saturday, February 01, 2020

February 2020

Jan 2020

Feb 1 saturday 2020  

Radhasapthami day;

Radhasapthami day;

Another sabotage episode of Tirupati  guy known;

Somewhat health clearance had;
Night due to acidity had very tough time; 
major development of the day is how sulekha and justdial are keeping SEO and Title Tags content seen; January synopsys did;

2nd Feb 2020; Sunday; 

Mumbai Derby day due to track eagles misguidance missed winner War Hammer but consolidated Knowledge;

 first day day had for the year;
Total rest  at home; hunger pangs had;
Massage parlours 10 Data saved; warangal builders data saved; linked Sarees in blog; some more cross linking work did;
Feed back form added to blog;

3rd feb 2020 monday;

Also called Murali cars; Swaant  ;Seo tips video of Niel patel and amit tiwari seen; seen best design tips ; best blogging headlines tips; best images for blog to know; Site loading is also important;

No park visit; around 50 messages sent; reply recd from Bags guy and Ameen; Soni; Thank god confidence got back again to move ahead; Small pitall of of not supporting gtas chat bouncer;

To how many people recd my whatsapp messages so far  about digital marketing to findout;

Inform  winners of Rx on hand  last 2 weeks  listedout;

saved some mobile numbers to mobile;

best  source for  stock images

Added social media profiles  twitter; insta;
warangal Karimnagar Builders data posted;
Ameen called back and informed;
sent 2 deleting messages 2 kalyana mandapams;

4th feb Tuesday 2020;

Removed ph numbers of sri Balaji K M
Managed Park visit;

and lakshmi naraayana and sent whatsapp msg they have seen it but kept quite;
Tweeted for 6 in the morning;

tried to call 1.Muni krishna; 2.swaant; tried 3.Bhavani Opticals and ; 4.ameen; 5. murali cars;  

From Now i must be bit careful about out station payouts it taking much difficulty;

shift focus on top JDVF in all categories from  other places also from now; luckey to get property content and managed some lunking work;
Agaian seen SEO of NIEL and Amit but no new points gained;
Sent 10 new whatsapp  msgs to new mobile numbers;
Worked in the field in afternoon eye sight troble had some hope got;
Asper yesterday ideas insta and twitter content saved and sent link to twtter ;
Arranged things to home at night;
Morning owners puppy seen;
Its very hot in afternoon at 3 pm ;

5th Feb Wed day 2020;

Most of the day spent time in consolidating blog with inter linking and posting realtors data to blog kept  high pixel pictures; 

Best content for blog writing to prepare;
posted content about blog ideas to kajal;
Called nrn and had chat wirh Suresh and had nice idea abt foundation;
Afternoon worked and did only 5 calls but had 2 reviews;
Sat day to go to Sridevi fertility:
Mithai Vijaya kumar;
Sent  15 msgs from park;
Surprisingly Syam called at night :
Ameen collected one payout: 
3rd no indilgence day in 2020 grt;

6th Feb thursday 2020:

Morning owners and water cleaning head ache;

Morning Dosa  oil arguments;
No field work again;
Unable to wakeup?;
Eluru, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Ongole, Bhimavaram ; Mubai; Bangalore; builders Data posted world is so big with many cities;
Venky apreciated my whatsapp tweet;
Completed top cities of Ap and Tengana states and top 2 cities realtors data;
Enquired to send courier to Ameen but failed due to over cost lost temper at one lady;
lot of content loaded from whatsapp end to instagram posts;
Another no indulgence day celibrated;

7th Friday february  2020;

tweeted for 9 projects; best days in a year to tweet and post insta listed out; 
Another 2 tieups had for insta so now 15 lakh user base at hand;

recd Ameen cheque and deposited ;
Sent him speedpost; morning met old person at park had chat with him about yoga mat;
yasrr documentation  guy called edited; posted Delhi realtors data to blog; Called jowar roti guy; recd one enq for jowar roti later edited lavanya with keywords;

bangalore rx multifaceted suraj win longway from home for sprinters cup;
one caterers cell number got from bujji;
site;google almost 1o new sites spidered eatails saved;

8th saturday feb 2020;

Added linking work with DW to realtors;

Edited Excel And shilpam; met  Ameen on ph he woked in field; coulnt do  Vb surgicals;
Expanded realtors data this time to international arena Sharjah;
 Chennai realtors;  Kolkata added;
Many site spidered data saved;
Evening very poor vision noted;
Lot of  fresh content added ; Days tip have friends not followers;
Called Nrn and known things;

9th Feb sunday 2020;

Night with Kishore visited Shadnagar Mani brothers marriage reception;

Managed park visit; 
Kishore told to continue social media projects;

10th Feb Monday 2020;

My hard work of SEO shown some progress in ranking; Took good rest for the day:

Jolt is Ameen going to Maharastra;
No field work; posted Pune; Coimbatore realtors data: seen seo videos again to educate and linking good other sites;
Tweeted for hyderabadi printers again;
Faqs posted;

Improved jowar Roti listing with Hyderabad tag:
Got the addresses of Drohi;

11th Feb Tuesday;2020;

Expanded blog to Asia countries for realtors;
Worked in afternoon one insta id  reserved asiarealtorshq with Kishores help;
Just managed park visit but late; 
Satyam called  had ear pain later;

New zealanders have made a whitewash  in cricket and AAP party won for Delhi:
Tried SL Diagnostics; Decent electronics:
Got 2 reviews for the day;
2 trobles at home most disturbing ones;
Head ache again hopeless soouce;
Called Nrn but still to wait;
Hunger pangs in evening;
I must have good clients with nice SEO;
Lot of internal linking work did throught the day;

12th wed feb 2020;

Morning Asian countries top builders list posted;

Took handle of aquatech tanks;

had chat with syam known many things;
Activated Vb surgicals;
worked in afternoon made about 13 calls;
recd one good calender with good ads;
1 review got; had fluconazole tablet;
due to trouble at home had to eat at outside;
recd good whatsapp content agaian;
SOni replied said  hes sick; manged tweets for most of them;
why top lady cried;
trouble due to cot sound;
quickly gave offer follow for follow  to twitter audience ;
 found one web site for whts on today in history;

13th feb 2010; thurday;

video recd form bags guy new hope;
gave 13 references to Ameen and sent 25 whatsapp msgs and got one reply for human hair;send msg to clients about cheat;

Made a park visit;
Again recd good whatsapp content ;
Saved screen shots of few people and posted;

Good clients list  listed out lot of time soent for this;
internal linking work continued;
edited realtors page;
New things known after regular tweets of muttydelite;
New social media snippets posted;
Read abt some Dog breeds;
Known abt whatsapp sec Life long google 390 degrees:
Came away from gandla group;
More tweets for kajal sent;
g page;

14th Feb friday 2020;
Gpage; fb vanity url;

No park visit;
Pulwama attack day sent instagram posts to 20  accounts and 15 twitter accounts;
Ameen failed again and  irrespinsibility clearly known;
Europe captured;
Life time contacts can be 200;
Checked Rx fixations for tom Bangalore;
Listed 8 of those who dont have insta pressence;
Known abt whatsapp privacy msg reading securities;
Valentine day wishes recd from gra had interaction with Syam and Sai;
Human Hir guy sent money;
DW Bujji said responded but no answer;

15th Feb satday 2020;

Calender data fed and sent whatsapp msgs one guy sent return promo;
tweets continued and so insta projects kept active  links;
hair  and Moustaches color; note books things to home;
Odonil bought;
Birds in hand further consolidated;
One sucess story from Ameen;
Gst bill head ache is troubling;
Tpt Balaji stationary photos loaded;
Try seo with smaller areas;

Zr amravathi hotel and subba reddy posts kept for nellorelegends;
failed to do market calls;
Spent long time sitting on computer had swollen legs;
Abids leather bags stores;
Sunday Rx fixations seen:
top followed people on twitter obama known and read some tweets;

16th Feb Sunday 2020;

youtube videos on phone etiquette  and english common mistakes seen ;
Power of humour  videos seen pets; 

Dint attend Rx; managed park visit bit late;
big investment needed; Word big;
Balaji Bajrang sent new thing abt failures and tone;
improved twitter projects on hand;
top usa cities realtors data saved;
Abids leather goods shops data saved;
top hoarding agencies data saved;

unusual behaviour of of g at home isit sickness;
english pronounciation videos seen;
Seen about phone etiquette;
got back Vidyabalans twitter pressence;
Ameen called and said got one payout and sent photos loaded them; Those who dont have insta pressence  listed out; 

17th Monday Feb 2020;
For the first time in life tweeted for 24 projects; indbropoultry insta got into fold

No park visit;

problem of reconfirming twitter verifications head ache emerged;
for vijaytextiles sent 8 tweets;
insta prsense ids streamlined;
called ameen; Afican realtors data saved;
Recd good msg from  and sent syam msg;
Send insta proposal to Devanarayana Reddy;
Balaji  stationary ph number;

18th feb tuesday 2020

Surprise Ameen got 2 payouts at evening;
Met Kishore; First order of visiting cards and stickers delivered but forgot notebook somewhere; met nearby people;
Further consolidated internal linking ;
Reconfirmed twitter of hyderabadiprinters and Soni; long chat with Satyam;

19th Wed feb 2020;

Engagement and Retweet and communucation with clients is important is better for client loyalty;

Kambala sport instagram content gave big hits;
Syam sent Ananda Nilyam video;
Linking work contd posted to important blog posts;
Twitter ids development continued with related web sites linking;
Got back jasminepet mart twitter 

20th feb Thursday 2020;
No park visit; no field work; twitter devlopment contd collected related  content links;
Site map submitted to  bing and google;
Long  ph chat with syam; Hema vet guy called;
Important connections listed;
Still not improved adsense income;
Poor traffic despite what ever iam doing;
Sent references to Ameen but no use;
Had tiffen outside Siddhartha Puri;

21st feb Friday 2020;

Edited Ananda Nilayam page again;
Jayram Reddy help took for sudhakarind twitter handle;
Tweeted and kept instageam posts of Mahashivaratri;
5 Syam videos loaded;
night lot of interaction with syam had on whatsapp voice chat
2 more payments gone to drohi Biruva and rajaram catering;
Ameen calledup and reported;
More top twitter consolidation work did;

Known more about google search console;
22nd feb Saturday 2020

22nd Feb Satday 2020:

Surprise payout recd from Bujji DW and edited it and loaded picture ;
Ameen got another 2 payouts @ night called up; Back at home consolidated twitter pressence throught the day; Improved google standing for  idols with pictures & video links  videos loaded   with content posted to youtube;Temper lost on singh this time: Night headache at wineshop;
Content tweeted for some  new ids; major clients listed; One likelyhood of frame order hope; Hyderabad pharma companies listed out: Brazil realtors data saved: Checked stats but poor stats?

23 Feb Sunday 2020;

edited spell checks of jasminepetmart;
Poonawala Breeders million day;

sent whatsapp msgs to ramojifilmcity; lifestyle; rwitc;  grt;  indiarace;
 stats checked;
Boredom again at home; youtube song of Bhanu shali seen;
Met Kishore ; missed lunch and Dinner;

24th Feb 2020 Monday;

American president Trump visit to India TV coverage seen;

Jasmine pet mart shot to front at google;
Vet pharma guy called; stomach trouble and weakness throught the day After noon consilidated twitter handles and tweets work;

25th Feb  Tuesday 2020;

Made park visit;
Syam called;
Someone called for Srinivasa Kalyanam poster;
Twitter work continued from home whole day  few more ids added and tweets and back covers; 
Backlinking sites videos seen;

26th Feb wedday 2020;

Forget about adsence income from now shocker confirmed but thanks to blogger width adjustment knowledge lot time spent for this; Stituation precarious to move ahead quickly from this headache;

Worked in morning did 8 field calls got commitment from Soni; Dint had enough visiting cards; Travel time was too strainful;
One more commitment had from Laxmi chandra; some ph data;

Good Saree of Gta ; Gta vadina came home;

Top sites for Backlinkings tried;
Delhi riots many died alarming;
Read about Trump Biography;
Ameen reported in evening;
Hair coloring work dint progress well;

Continued twitter  back cover work retrieved few more good ids;
 each time i change a blog template iam facing tags problem;

27th Feb Thursday 2020; 

Throught the day did exaustive study on activations  missed ;humanhair;vinayaka jewellers;  cameracenter; 31 ids got; Good ones are supplycompany;designerplaza; swaant; new hope got agaian with this;

Some refferences sent to Ameen; 

Blog template changed again;

video got from bags guy and hope; reply got from idols guy; new contact of video mixing guy contact info got from jayram reddy;

Made park visit; Death of a palm tree discussions; Had to travel a lot to insulin syringes;
My failures and  mistakes  time wastage anasysed and listed;

765 attempts made with calls and whatsapp messages  in 2020;

2313 whatsapp data on hand;
still to get any traffic from twitter handles;
some whatsapp msgs sent again but no use; 
twitter is even more strict now for handles failed to reserve one handle without even email;
stats checked;

28th Feb 2020;

1.Sent whatsapp of google  page details to clients; and soni

2.year of oldest launches  of t ids on hand work  completed;
3. Brand watch work began 40 of them collected;
saravana stores; klmfashionmall added to twitter ids; Sugnatmt;
Ameen called;
send leftover tpt refrences to ameen;
identify and attack;
see if there are any site for youtube videos without copy rights;

29th Feb s

Sat 2020:
Sprinters cup @ Mysore  attended HRC Suraj on Favrite miserably flopped reasons maybe change of course and inconsistant earliar performance;  unable to walk for long and eye vision trouble;

Stomach trouble; Quickly managed tiffen;

leap year 2020; inmatchtech developed kamalwatch R R towers; No park visit; sent whatsapp to kamal watch and Soni; 
mithayi added to twitter handles list; back covers are available with google;

Lost reliance ids?

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