Friday, October 30, 2020

December 2020

1st December 2020;

Took Hyd payout of Suraj; but had to climb up planning reqd ;  sent 50 messages to tpt and Nellore  clients; ph call folloups gave hope 3 commitments got, RX confirmation got bit later for kolkata suraj  mount  later surprised with his 3 wins; Incoming calls continued but no use; had tiffen near Telugu academy good dosa;

1.Eves beauty 2. Secret styles.  3. Alankrita have commited;

Activated Ameen; created his is and package; Called psr kalyana mandapam ; Suraj won another 3 mounts;

2nd Dec wedday 2020

Morning tention of gta on Bhaskar  Rent payout;

Davangere and secretstyles success stories and another hope from Mumbai; incoming calls have reduced;  Another hope from Humanhair; No use of buying Original vel due to small font;Sent Ameen bill books; had  road side dosa near Narayanaguda; One ref got for web design;

lot of accidents and tiger attack news on tv; Seen few of due dates with payouts received; lot of people are watching my wasapp status;

3rd Dec 2020 Thursday; 

humanhair payout recd by evening on followup; played  a lot with neibourhood children noticed posings; helped gta for veggies; Owner took milk; neibours request for 

Alugadda; chinna  asked my address for Nomudaram;

Took help of old auto guy and despatched;  Waste visit to malakpet strain; Recd secret styles photos and loaded them; Nose blockout inhaler purchased; had good dosa at home morning; At Bangalore flukes ruled; Byke condition worsening; recharge of  laptop airtel did;

4th Dec friday  2020

GHMC election results day;

Severe Nose blockade and Caugh  related unrest: Watched election results throught the day different tactics and analysis known;

Surprise call from jaybaul recd noted his developments; ajay called: incoming calls continued; updated whatsapp; kolkata rx card to seen on line; web design guy of Gachibowli;

How to make use of whatsapp status;

5th Dec Sat ; 2020;

Gta went to her chinnanna while i played a lot with children own cooking lunch had dinr attend kolkata rx;

6th Dec Sunday 2020


Arranged few  things to home

Attended HRC got one bookie ph number i need to improve by 100 times as of now soon everything will be ok ; 

Had Chat with Rami Reddy: Filthy Sameeksha; Eves beauty  Tpt paid suddenly; missed betting due to rush at HRC Tote que;  Two new consolidations got anyway They cant beat Suraj and Sandesh forget about lost form horses Sea quest ; incoming calls continued but no use;

Seen cricket india t 20 at australia  series win; Cats cry for chicken  noted;

7th Dec Monday 2020;

pfizer vaccine will arrive no detailed info;  Prahlad called;  Choti poxy came back again; Seen lot of old  races on youtube ;Alankrita tpt comitted for 10th December; Chots cat came home at night;

PSR guy said someone took payout has triggered uneasy; one TN sucess story emerged;  Ameen flopped at tpt;

8th Dec Tuesday 2020;

Vomitting sensation at narayanaguda ??/ latest season Rx jockey stats seen; 
Night seen few more ex videos; managed  dispatch; seen so many rx videos and exposure got;  Ex  war hammer; Consolidated rx R and d;

9th Dec wed day 2020

Long gap of 3 days rx; 

Lost temper at neibourhood children; Long chat with Ajay at morning; luckey to see Z Dharashah trainers video known very interesting things on Rx end; unberable stink at evening near home;   Called Rajaram caterer; fish guy dint lift my call;

Called saabjan tpt dw; jana finslly edited my number at NT transfered him 500/_; Ravi Bearer at Bar;   incoming calls continued; Beaten small poxy; 

10th Dec Thursday  2020

Got up very early;Read tpt, nlr news editions AP state  nothing interesting;  Akankrita payout recd; 

got confidence after studing rx card of Mumbai new thing is teack work can be seen now;

Few more promising calls received for JR Dont beat children just manage yes did it  with dose of Banana; Had shaving seen  white beard almost ;

11th Dec friday 2020;

Mumbai Rx fixed odds exposure got at HRC this is new hope again;  unnecessary exitment had throught regd Suraj win; try to become a tipster; new eaters contact got; risk capital to keep ready on hand : Try trackeagle choices next time; gave Rs 10/_ to Durga; i have 75 bet capital on hand now ;

Read sat card;

12th Dec Sat 2020

VIOLIN  Srinadh vs silver Bracelet; Kol 1000 guineas
AMAZING BLAZE bangalore trevor;

Hottest connections is new point at Rx this is ultimate knowledge but still my place bet missed; Fress and jewels are very important so the byke;

Called Reddeppa his assueance got; goldenpearl;; new confidene gained from calling Madhu furniture;

Called Mama and Narasimha gollapally; 

Incoming calls continued including that USA ladys call;

13th Dec Sunday 2020

BORN QUEEN  Suraj chennai 1000 guineas;

Prawn shopping did at Musheerabad  with gta; R surajeleased payout from Indirapark tote; Sitting with Kishore funding request flopped; Chengaiah called; Betting strategy flopped at longer odds failed to back place : Expenses have continued; paid eenadu bill;

14th Dec Monday 2020


Failed to capitalyse chennai grand prix winner by suraj; Nelloretimes  pwd got finally; Night double twister; Goregoan rt hope; missed Neeraj mount at Mumbai on Sunday; senaiah called and connected with ; Nrn; kamal; 

Night called Balaji; Shankaraiah; Durga to home by night;

15th Dec Tuesday 2020;

Had that yesterday success story; Again missed chennai mounts due to poor planning; Another fine Hattrick by Suraj missed at Chennai; Called NRn;

16th Dec wedday 2020

Usha stud video  and profile of  Ameeta mehra known multidimentional breed known color;  unable to bear dis respect; some major break needed; some incoming calls recd; Ajay Called  and known abt his Sancranthi trip;

Called Vinayaka jewelleres got yes nod; Called kvp and got  ok nod; web training guys youtube movie was amazing it removed many of useless doubts;

17th Dec ;Thursday 2020;



{TAIMUR Sandesh Won as fluke

VACHAN  p s chuhan

GIANT STAR yash narredu}

suraj fav  Ashwa Bravo hot favrite gone

Morning started with Gowri Bullis call due to my post at Gandla group; From Now uniform betting please; missed 2 nice  shots at longer odds and missed a shot at 10 to one twice; dont miss long shots from now;

Another improvement got on betting from now  forget who is running that distance for first  time like Ashwa Bravo even won earliar with 11 and half lengths  1600 mtrs and discount  such ones in future  for second place even;  called kistaiah anna  surprising  positive results recd to my advantage about house construction; More exposure got on fixed odds;

Different reply got from Mama; Had whatsapp chat with Jana and syam for Roti machine; enjoyed  neibourhood childrens enthusiasm and Dance; 

Called Modinsahebpalli Srinu had his support was amazing; chengaiah called back surprisingly; poor response had from prahladh this time; Flop of KVP hotel followup: called kondaa kalyana mandapam daughter;

Kolkata 2000 guineass card seen;

to keep enough cash on hand; handsome enquiries for roti maker got to hand and Gampa enquiries also started pouring in;

Enjoyed story telling episodes with children need to improve; had  a word with vishnu Father vijayas mama and that daddy call; Nimbu pickle by Gta;

18th December Friday 2020;


Overniite hangover headache; long layoff headache of Black pearl sorted out and this is another new knowledge but missed 90 paisa mount; Shapoor Mistry  and srianth connections proved again with half money favrite; Large money on hand needed; Follow up did with KVP but no use;

Indian horse racing blogs;

Gampa enquiries  continued  so  deputed Geeta  to enquire about rates; THP poll known;

19th December Saturday 2020;



 manifest flopped

buy good rice; rx fixations and preparations; gta must followup KVP; and other pending issues at tpt and nellore; incoming calls to handle; THP poll ;

20th dec 2020 Sunday;

FALCON EDGE sequerias akhay bEt won;
 akhay 4 wins;
p trvor 3 wins; PARISIAN
VICTORY PARADE Akahay kumar fluke new point;
irvan singh NAYADEEP second 
 deshmukh; New point
JULIETTE  SandeshMissed
IMMORTALITY PS chouhan missed;


Surprisingly Hrc relaxed covid rules and allowed customers to indirapark tote center but there was heavy rush yet managed winning day with few more new points; Akshay proved too good and had 4 wins; missed Mumbai mounts; Despite no money on hand managed Fish shopping at musheerabad and later  roadside tiffen Oothappam;

Seen grand finale of Bigboss;

Slept heavily in afternoon and suffered in night; 

21st Dec Monday 2020

Ajay and Prahlad have called;

Had long sitout with ajay; kvp followup and Keshav konda k m followups did; called cheng; Nrn; Mama ; incoming calls continued; with children enjoyed Jokes and Animation clippings; Arranged thngs to home mirchi powder. Hi Tomato  rates; New pen insulin Needles Telma H purchased;

22nd Dec Tuesday 2020;

lekhari card activation work did;  Had a long  recap of December Rx;

23rd Dec 2020; wedday;

Met Ajay did his ph work; machine calls dropped had one question of price; KVP payout recd; Again threat of covid at Bangalore; Inhalation therapy video seen;

24th Dec Thursday 2020

Entire day rest at home played with children; Seen rx cards of Bangalore and mumbai of friday; Upsets ruled at chennai but akshay safed them all;

25th December friday  2020; 

Finally trouble at home due to samu Gtas complaint played a lot with dug and others ;  Durga family seems to be leaving hyderabad;Again hickup at betting  Indiara park new points continued to arrive ; no live coverage no instant results  and payouts but fixed odds were avilable for mumbai; jagdeesh rank outsider  but thats a new point he won once on that mount ; let them get established with distantance not established just forget

Sandesh trying jockey at mumbai and other places to note:

Kolkata rx card seen; keep some surplus money on hand always;

suraj won again on for st leger multidimentional cosmos and on another mount ; mayabazaar on tv;

26th Dec satday 2020

Rejected sumo due to complaint; gtas Chinnannas headache discussion all the way at might triggered insecurity; incoming calls continued but mone closed; Had one winner and another loser at kolkata rx;

Further R and did for rx;

27th Dec Sunday 2020

Very chilly Morning Utappam;Lost temper and slapped Durga; Davangere lady order; long chat with Ajay and Ramireddy; Kishore said yes for Rx; 

More expenses; Sucess at Rx; long wait at que; lot of favrites won;

28th Dec Monday 2020;

No use of visiting Indirapark tote we have to wait till next raceday;

2 success stories managed;  Srranged things to home: Escort of Pandu; Seen Puppys; Called Dog trainers; called Madhu Komala ; Seenaiah;

29th Dec Tuesday 2020;

Whats that fb ad in eenadu; most of the day stayed at  home;

Boredom continued plus arguments at home plus doubt; Evening purchased jowar rotiS at Ashok nagar;

At Sbi some ones helmet activity ; 

insulin bottle; few incoming calls missed due to rest at afternoon but calls continued; 

Another hinch got for rx top favrites for backup idea got to keep capital on hand ready;

Durga came more and more closer used watched my mobile for very long time; keep stocks ready for children; 

called Tip top;

Show  off  did with neibourhood old man;

Flop of night mirchis;

30th Dec Wedday 2020;

Analysed Dec 2020 strong fav won and lost for December;

New strategy developed for weekend Rx  of rs 2000/_  each day;   i must catch 5 winners;

Played with children again; A booster Nomudaram received from sekhar;

Called Keshava Konda K M Tpt;

Analyse who is tipping well; like trackeagle; Sent msg to ameen he responded;

31st December  thursday 2020

Managed incoming calls ; followup Kishore for night;

Have Quick rappot on Digital marketing ; Syam called so had chat with his  daughter and wife;

1st jan friday  2020;

Had 2  successful place bets and   6 to one  win  but  missed at fixed odds ; Ex yana zaya Dasarath Singh but  uniform bettig strategy failed again;

Took earliar payouts but had to stand long in ques;

Enjoyed a lot with children but had bouncer finally,  recd 70 of new year wishes that count is big no doubt;

Chinna, Madhu RB, Sureshvja called; 

I called Aakka had long chat ; Bawa; rx Sudhakar Reddy nlr ;

Pune guy sent yes;

2nd jan 2021 Satday;

Gave a punishment to offending girl;

By luck Pune order managed;  Even on second day of year 

i called  few people Narasimha gollapally :  lic Sudhakar reddy Nellore had good response;  Bramha reddy; prahlad and gta had chat with his wife; jafrulla; Chengiah; 

Kokkanti Balaiah; Srinu modinsahebpally; Eswaraiah mama and prasads wife,

Double indulgence contributed 2 insulin and veggies dress press; Heavy expenses have incurred for the day;  Offered drink to Lakshman; Pandu was seen busy with mobile ph; Spent some time with  machine guy; purchased  torch light at night; heard sloka of gtas sister;

3rd Jan sunday 2020; 

Fresh shout on Durgi mom. Punishment continued for second day; yesterdays suraj win payout was much below expectation; 

There was less rush at tote;  luckey another one order got; 

4 straight loss bets; but 2 of them finished second so missed SHP poll; shankaraiah called;  shouted at gta;


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