Thursday, March 05, 2020

Good and bad Memories of life

 Good and bad Memories of life

Fathers mokondasramam swimming support;
gopal exam support;
Fishing with father;
kotis blood donation; doing Archana and pooja in my name;
Akka support during sickness;
Mothers thilakam; and support for reddy reddy colony stay;
Sekhar support during  happy home fall;
satish and Akheel support;
Eswaraiah mama support during fathers death;
Spening Kishore;

Hum hange kam yaab song; good song; mahesh bau dialogues;
Bahubali dialogues;

Negative commenting on google maps;
Arriving home without notice; syam;
Kadapa english girls:
Shil nlr;
Wall jumping at nlr;
Cheraku gadala  run b c hostel kadapa
Police lati charge;
Hyd nanduri episode;
Ill treatment by kiran; losing cooperation;
Non Caring KVN;
Non Cooperating Gandhi;
Irritating Sridhar reddy nlr; irksome;
Prakash episode;
sarcastic Uni sankyo;
Useless Narasimha;
Insulting paul;
parking disturbance at bhupal housing colony;
disturbance at night door knocking Tpt;
Neibours smoking disturbance at wine shop;
By passing ; akkireddy;
Drohis sabotage; cunningness;
janas non coopearation; syams aggression;
Bc hostel episode;
apes gluttony eat;
Ashwins thankless behaviour;
Uma sand seenaiah un caring attitude;

gta non agrreing attitude;
Over expectation of gtas sister and by passing attitude;
irritationg anajali;
going out of  i created group;
singhs no reply after reading;
not keeping promise; of Vij chinna;
Non supporting gandhi;
C s behaviour;
Pavans  cell phone mannerism;
 insulting kitchen concept and nellore jeweller;
Coolys non cooperation; 
lose tung of kamalakar;
Usage of words of another dr;
parking menace;
smoking menace;
Not keeping commitment of nrn;
rejecting Gms daughter;
Over expectation of chinna;
Forcing for muggu and Buy sarees;
not attending importance function or invitation;
Munawwer; sankyo Murali;
No minimum cutrtecy of Srujana;
Rough manners;
Bangalore assault;
Over acting; akka;
irritatiing krishna; Kamalakar; Sridhar reddy;
Posing howla;
Rough train guys and wine shop behaviour;

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