Friday, January 03, 2020


My own initiative;
Regain the lost contacts;
Pay back Umas money
main target is on insta projects;
Improve call average;
Improve SEO step by step;
*** Do more targetted calls;
Improve animation and soft skills;
reduce alchohol;
Target and close bigger projects;
Step by step growth;
Consolidate further;
Improve Seo for 100; Catogeries;
minimum plan 10  fold grouth;
Take more interest in people dont lose trust do repair work;
Customer satisfaction  is must for client in 2020
monthly  projects;
Identify more  google correction works;
Use phone more;
Improve team strength; ads support;

2020 hopes;
soni nsk renewal;
Tpt jan renewals;
Shree Alu;
hotel anurag; hotel pariwar;
Hm water;
Sridevi fertility;
GJt chaawal;
Bags guys;
Be a indian company;
those who were not in insta; google repair  works;
Aqua pumps; 
bags guys;
Attend more exbitions;