Thursday, October 01, 2015

Sep 2015;

woked anyway; ok got from murali sanitory; rexine; met metal house;
 data from field is 50 plus;
t ids; bahubalimovie;
nsk cheque got;met umiya; met vidhi;


 1 sep 2015

Late but to field; Shocker came in night cheque failed and arguments at home; olx info and sree alu guy gave payments; confusion at metal house; bouncer at rexine; Big haul of R 7 d for key words; gandhi jayanthi next day plannings; twitter is showing good on searches is another hope for the day;Dta collection also continued;

29th sep 2015;

jdvf 25 entries; 3 k from field;Cool travel;prking objection; 200 data reached; darbar id; got 10 k cmmitments;

wed day; 30 th sep 2015;
Work at late; got b check; sent it for collection; thanks for t&d; one new opening at eenadu; enervated again; got assurance of that late pending cheque; chinnanna came home;

days data continued ; met murali sanitory; metal house;Dress helped; 20 plus data successfull;y managed;


29th sept; 2015; wednes day;

Again to field this time collected data; had 3 commitments for future;

27 th sep sunday 2015

Mostly at home; 2 hours net stint at morning continued to know current standing of 103 12,11,2010; Seen tv ganesha immertion news;

28 th tuesday;

east west; vizianagaram sros listed out;
continued jd vf; at work 2 success stories; also retrieved uncleared cheque; heavy traffic on return  mso took another route;reduced intake a bit; seen rocket launch; cloth for pressing;seen rx results;chicken tablets;note book refils etc;Hunger pangs in field un bearable;


27th sept 2015

had Temple visit took pics and shared wih whatsapp contacts; current standing of clients work did for the day managed 100 entries some what promising feeling after this excersize;


25 th sept 2015

No field work but seen most of 2013 year ranigunj listings; with bad mouse at cafe key word r & d continued; whatsapp voice messages;group messages rd continued; night sandur mail read;money criunch cheque still not ceared; gtas chinnannas friend visited;

23rd sept 2015;

 Good day!

By night cheques passed but 1 still pending; key word R& d continued from 2 cafes; Nt renued for 14 th time? ganesha idols immertionmanaged by gta; Ranigunj ariel data work continued;return journey was really tough due to traffic problems; rama mohan reddy called;

24 th sept 2015;

No field work thinking that holiday; 1 hour key word R& dwork managed swiggy  seen; arguments at night triggedred again;Stampade news;Nlr;knl;atp  sro list added;gandlatelikula id is myne; ok Jd swelled to be 2 nd largest;


22nd sept; 2015

Importance of videos known again; camera is miss behaving; continued R & D on Key words in 2  sessions for the day; failed nergy levels again for the day;


21st sept 2015

 chanda nagar 8 calls;
12,13; 14.vasavi;;


sunday 20th sept 2015


Hi key word Rd continued on sunday tweeted; jdvf improved further; arguments and Ghadbad continued;


19th sept 2015; saturday;

to field after  2 days leave Ok this time; thanks for the gtas sponcer; Money crunch averted but hunger pangs; some trouble at kalyans home; Mor key word R & D continued; cheque dropped at SBI;

18th september 2015 next day of ganesha festival

Whole day at home; Some relative of Gta came; I have arranged new tyre for byke;  No news paper for the day; Morning seen ranigunj posts from smart phone; added few words to key word file;

17 th sept 2015; Cream of society;

Ganesh chavithi day; 2015

Ganesh chavithi day; 2015

Puja performed at home; later 2 hours net session lot of r&d did on keywords took prints too; Lt metro id; Tweeted;  Jd file improved further; Called Jana & Syam;

Evening to Shailoos home; Night had Darshan of near by Ganesha; Kisses of Anju papa butsleepy eyes of me annoyed; 3 g fresh activation; Throught the day whatsapp interaction had; Money crunch coming faster;

16 th sept 2015

Gta gone for doctors consultation; After breif boredom i covered 2 stans and got one payout; No net day; Hyper acidity levels throught the day; Night dress shopping and ganesh idol purchase;

15th Sept 2015 tuesday

Most of the day  took rest at home ;Hyper acidity levels; arranged Rice to home; Surprise syam called and had long chat; later jana called; Managed to post pending blogs finally;Tpt studios guys message recd to edit it later;
the only development of the day is gained 40 lakh alexa ranks as a surprise;

14 th Sept 2015;
Bad journey by MMTS added to that rush and standing and long walk later journey again have took tool on body; Reached yadagirigutta   by a/c bus and closed the work successfully; Return journey was even more tough and boredom tiredness; Final thing was auto fareds and rain so totally lsot for the day and missed even dinner;

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12 th sept; 2015

In a quick move decided to go to rtc x roads; Reached there this time took one dormitory had rest there then to HRC and had exposure again; some kind of depression due to loneliness and past thinkings; sunday cards purchased new idea of year wise big bets like Quasir emerged; DW file further strenghtened; hits segregated; Byke sitting trouble to  avert next time; Heavy expenses for the day; One cinch at Kolkata missed;


11th sept 2015

No field work day again spent most of the time at home; Morning 1 hour net; night good work on d w current standings did; sankyo;suvja called;called ram Mohan reddy; whats app chat with naani;

Kw 3

fb 1534

twitter 1100cr
v 985;
online 882
email 830
shares 820
media 772
youtube 759
english 748
google 716
amazon 609
world 656
website 577
art 568
data 559
tv 536
blog 480
watch 474
Music 423
internet 415
shop 399
history 376
Team 350
women 331 cr
travel 321
Food 321
shopping 309
Books 276
men 292
Film 259
india 258
Bar 257
radio 228
new york 228
china 208 cr;
fan 203 cr
Science 201
movie 193 cr
school 463
sports 403 cr
house 372
air 357 cr
car 300 cr
job 305
water 285 cr
bar 257
hotel 265
software 243 cr
girl 224
Nature 193 cr
bank 189
food grains 162;
god 152;
bed 145
oil 134
boy 124
lights 120 cr
camera 116
sms 115
domain 88cr
politics 83cr
smart phone 81 cr
hardware 78cr
wheel 78
whisky 74
bags 76
steel 76 cr
marriage 68 cr;
v 66 cr
Horse 86
holly 63 cr
cinema 66 cr
tennis 61
gym 60
tickets 60 cr
faith 58 cr;
Salt 58
sugar 57
milk 56
loan 52
laptop 49
chicken 49
virus 47 cr
pen 46 cr
baker 40 cr
fruits 35 cr
hardware shops 34 cr;
electricity 34 cr;
mountains 32 cr
Opticals 30 cr
plot 32 cr
cricket 28 cr;
lyrics 27
lodge 27 cr
vegetables 22 cr;
classifieds 20 cr;
button shops 17 cr
domain name 16 cr
cement 15 cr
yelloowpages 14 cr
pillows 14 cr
timber 14 cr
Herbs 15 cr
tomato 14 cr
Liver 13 cr
forbes 11 cr
kidney 10 cr
realtor 10 cr
horse racing 10 cr;
coke 10 cr
telugu 9 cr
gold 182 cr
pets 182
london 181
cat 161
paris 159
fashion 158
sex 156
gift 147
advertisement 130 cr
bus 126
silver 126 cr
dance 126
social media 121;
hospital 115 cr
Fish 106;
train 104
Doctor 103
Insurance 97
singapore 90cr
yahoo 88
electronics 88
ship 85
commerce 79 cr;
Dress 75
wine 74
flight 68 cr
furniture 64
discovery 64 cr
diamond 62 cr
drug 62 cr;
pizza 60 cr
shoe 51 cr;
rice 40 cr
chemistry 36
rivers 35 cr
e commerce 33 cr
sweets 33 cr
shanghai 32
copper  32 cr
pumps 31cr
art 30 cr
delhi 29
cloth 27
Tiles 24 cr;
weight loss 23 cr
cosmetics 22 cr
aluminium 21cr
paints 21 cr;
mumbai 20 cr
kart 19 cr
bakery 18 cr
spices 15 cr
pearls 14 cr
towel 14 cr
Tailor 13 cr;
m commerce 13 cr
carpets 13 cr
askme 12 cr
bangalore 12
olympics 15 cr
home appliances 11 cr;
perfume 11 cr
bearings 10 cr;
Hyderabad 10 cr
surgeon 9 cr;
martial arts 8 cr
tyre 7 cr
diagnostics 7 cr
airconditioner 6 91 cr
document writer 6 46  cr
mosquito 6 cr
animal planet 5 cr
meet up 5 cr
insulin 5 cr
motorbike 5 cr
detergent 4 cr
Adwords 4 cr
Adsense 3 36 cr
pesticides 3 cr
tooth brush  3 cr
flipkart 1 89
timesofindia 1 73 cr
snapdeal 1 42 cr
Mutton 1 4 cr
lungi 1 cr
sensex 1 cr
jd 67
makemytrip 42
bookmyshow 37
shaadi 30
naukri 24
foodpanda 15
quikr 20 lakh
hungama 19 l
shopclues 17 lakh
cleartrip 47 l
nellore 30 l
sulekha 24
great andhra 4 l
Big bazaar 7 lakh
bharat matromony 5
chennaionli 5
themobilestore 5
pothys 4
galatta 6
fabfurnish 6 l
urbanladder 4 lakh
zivame 8l
fullhyd 2
swiggy 2 l
car trade 7 l
naaptol 9 l
lekhari 23000
eenadu 5 lakh
andhrajyothi 5 lkah
sakshi 87 lakh
caratlane 5 ,99
bigbaskaet 4 57
thehindu 91 lakh
greatandhra 4 lakh
namasthetelangana 3 lakh
quickkerala 13 400
gaana 19 l
flex printing 23 lakh

car decorators 16 lakhs

florist 6 cr
astrology 4 cr
color lab 5 cr
toy shops 2 c r
lawyer 28 cr
Prayer 27 cr
jewellers 17 cr
advocate 14 cr
bollywood 14 cr
helmets 9 cr
tolly 1 cr
gas cylinder 1 cr;
 dog food 21 cr
dentist 13 cr
doctor 100 cr
function halls 6 cr
pickles 3 cr
puja 2 cr
caterer 1 cr
chemist 4 cr
hair style 7 cr
tent house  2 cr
Ganesha 2 cr
stationery shops 2 cr
interior decorators in hyderabad 26 lakhs
saree 3 cr
Hyd 10 cr;
visakhapatnam 1 58.
tirupati 1 18 cr
vijayawava 1.5.
guntur 1 .16cr
secunderabad 1 cr
medak 55 lakh
Nellore 30 l
warangal 29 l
rajahmundry 28 l
Anantapur 19 l.
Kurnool 17 l
karimnagar 16
nizamabad 15 lakh
khammam 14 lakh;
nalgonda 14 .8
petrol 14 cr;
Srikakulam 12 l
vizianagaram 12l
adilabad 12
kadapa 11 lakh 80
Ongole 10 l
uppal 11 l
kukatpally 9 l
eluru 9 l
Tenali 8 ,72
banjara hills 8 64
bhimavaram  8 63,
adoni 8
jubileehills 7 l
machilipatnam 6 73;
hindupur 6 20
tanuku 6
Nandyal 6 l
prarthana 6 83
Gudur 6 0 6000
guntakal 6 17
curry corners 6 lakh;
proddatur 5 94
chanda nagar 5 78
sanga reddy 5 68
miyapur 564
tadepalligudem 5 59
dharmavaram 543
malakpet 536
panjagutta 5
managalagiri 5 l
malkajgiri 516;
medchal 4 86
kalyana mandapams 4 29
rajampet 4 19 000
allagadda 4 lakh;
narsapur 5 lk
zaheerabad 3 98 000
chikkadpally 3 95
madanapalli 3 80
yadagirigutta 3 .8 l
ranigunj 3 78
narayanaguda 339
gollapalli 3 lakh
narsaraopet 2 lakh
ontimitta 1 36
sullurpet 1 77 000
cybercafes 11 lakh;
banian 4 lakh;
migulu 13 600
ayurveda 3 cr
prakatana 11 500


7th sept 2015

 7th sept 2015;
 Visited Gtas brothers home spent nice time there seen srujana marriage pics  (raapstudio)later covered uppal and came home; Pettubi in much needed in right time needed;Read Andhra Prabha;Seenaih called in eve; Some gifts from Srujana family;

8th sept;

Forgot the byke keys; No work day; mor seen 154 D W stations;Brought Camera to home in the evening;Parody song; Some key word listed again;

9 th sept; 2015;

Again no work day; Purchased Toilet chair and dress from JC brotheres and travel by MMTS to nampally big rain there  one visiting card collected; had travel exposure; had puri in kamat hotel; night net session with poor keys  gained 20 jdvf;
Thank god intake for the day is normal;
back home arguments again to attend funeral; managed to post pending blog posts; bhat tv test  signals;

10th sept; 2015;

Covered malkaj giri; nad kapra; on the way collected  cash and code from bowenpally; 2 codes and some data for the day; camera miss behaved again; Ram mohan reddy called at night; Skipped lunch and dinner; heavy rains on return journey; Google letter helped again; Lot of things for home purchased at night;

6 th sept 2015

 huge area or huge data is th answer;suffered wtih  body pains;divi labs story read in eenadu; edited hyd visit page again;sunday felt boafetr noon ; later had to wait till Gtas brothers arrival;

5 th sept 2015 seen visits to pages so far

Major development of the day is  seen few pages hits  so far of document writers; chengaiah jonied later;  another day gone without work and income; pics kept to hyd developments file;

4 th sept 2015;

Notary keyword of jd to check; One lucky success story;  ixigo seems big; tirupati has hit 1 cr mark; hyd 9 cr; chanda anagr 9 lakh;3 g plus managed for the day those were pending; new thing is google has connected Fb

2 station coverage and 3 pics plus data collected for the day; 2 prints took; lunch missed; No noon sleep; call received from camera repair guy; idea of doc writers Mumbai; Follow-up did with jana; Oil massage in morning;



seen current standing  google  document writers  of  20 plus places; nail cutter;scissors; hair cut  for the day; gave Camera for repair; Transfered rent to ram mohan Reddy; no field work and no income;
 Seen that Gta has huge load of washing and cooking and cleaning duties; Purchased tablets and Insulin; powder;all out some contributions by Gta; purchased Telugu velugu; Most of the day at home; night call from sujanresidency; during the morning net session grabbed few more Jdvf;


4 th sept 2015; thursday'

g plus activations 
cover 2 more stations;

3rd sept;




cover 2 more stations;


2nd sept; 2015;

Image result for bundh day

Arguments at home; pains continued; first time seen some MIGULU;

Took the advantage of strike  les traffic ;not much of autos;buses; forgot cell phone;
covered 2 more sro stations;

Jdvf file has cruised in; Jd is losing clients baikan yadav; Edited Hyd file again; Cash on hand raised bit for the first time; some visiting cards also collected for the day;


1st sept 2015;


Morning edited thakur gajendra and gplus activated; and also of sec yadav;posted 2 entries of Moosarambagh; not much of trsffic at 2 pm ; yesterdays blog posted in a  MUCH improved way;

way back met KSV;
night calls from cell; syam syam mama chainna;kmal;Prasad;suneetha;jana;satish;

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