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2010-05-22 -
October 04, 2010
December 22, 2010


december D W of vanasthalipuram;
L B nagr D W;Musapet D W: Kukat Pally; Suraram; Shamirpet; Medchal; Ydagiri gutta; Neredmet; Uppal DW

 D Writers data; inception;
 2010|tirupati help line blog postings renewals: one niranjan real estates cash; manababi twitter id money|gopals money;hyderabad sreshine break through; n prabhakars help again aruna madam|Srn| reddy idol purchases|gateforum|ajay|srn) lot of twitter ids on hand|health started deteriorating| sway2sms power on hnad| ad sence power still on and not utilysed|Kajals power|blog power|
till august pulled but after reaching hyderabad things began to change;getting consolidated after september; by december furhter got consolidated; and lof of twitter ids on hand;some cash power on hand; rx confidence gained further; sms power;camera cell phone; veduku risk to reduce;

lOt of death news have disturbed;(kumar,raja rao,jayamma,)health problems have haunted;
2010 Income|16th jan joined Syam again car drivers data work for some time|lodge bookings|jan Feb blog postings Kadapa trip|March Thulasi idols purchase|april Niranjan real estates cash|
Manababi twitter id money|gopals money from 135 000 |may chalapathi sirs supplys|may balaji hardwares tirupati cheq 2k|june puttur 15th jayamma sisters death|july gopal 5 k|july 15th to hyderabad|August hyderabad sreshine break through ranga srinivas| sept Aruna madam|Mahbubnagar|septemper Srn sponcer|sept Reddy idol purchases|Gateforum money |OCTober srn|October social media content|November (TV Gta, way2sms saga,FM)|December SRN, Ajays contribution began| 

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