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Rx yearwise best horses of India

 Year wise best horses of  India

1985. Sir Bruce. Silver Heaven. Solitary splendour. Amorous knight. Recardo.

1986.  Divine  light

Chaitanya chakram

1987. Capricorn. Realand. Noble quest.  Classapart. Naukhal. Ardles. Dedication.

1988. Brave Dancer. Premium Spirit.

Tresure girl; Cordon blue. Menorah.

1989. Nine carat Vesuvious.


1990. Nortern star. Delage. Classic story. Romantic Dancer.

1991. Exilaration. Ashtonish. 

Ponta Delgado. Pierce Artow.

1992. Bugs Bunny. Astounding. Kalamaris.

1993. Adler. Summer Dust

1994. Super Brave.

1995. Winning pretty. Elusive pimpernal. Forest king.

1996. Lei. Santorini star. Amazing bay.

1997. Indictment. Forest fantacy.

1998. Running flame. Indiscretion. Supervite.

1999. Crown Treasure. Star Supreme


2000. Six speed. Smart chieftain.

2001. littleover

2002. Adler. classical act.The pelican.

2003. Sweeping success.

2004. Mystical.

2005. Southern Empire.

2006. Strom Again.

2007. Bourbon king

2008. Set Alight. Oasis Star. Noble prince.

2009. AUTONOMY..

2010. Moonlight Romance.

2011. In the spot light. Smashing.

2012. Hachiko. Machiavanism. Equine lover. Borsalino.

2013. Amazing Grace. Allandaire. An aquired taste.

2014. Besafe

2015. Ruffina7/8. Quasar.

2016. Desert God.;

Star superior

2019. Desparado. War Hammer.7/7

2020. Black pearl.7/7

2021. Immortality. 4/5 Forest flame

Some motable performances



Mystical; Adler; chaitanta Chakram;

Elusive pimpernal; 22/23

Multitude 25/41

Exclusive virue 20/38

Desert god  19/30

Quasar 16/22

Oasis Star 14/17

Ruffina 13/16

Star Superior 13/19

Machiavanism 16/52

Searjeant at arms 14/19.

Coral gabkes 12/43

Set aside 11/13

Allandaire 11/27

Prevalant force 11/24

Lady in lace 11/22

In the Spot light 10/16

Amazing grace  10/15

Besafe 10/17

Torolocco 10/39

Cosmos 9/12;

Kangra 9/22

Corfe Castle 9/26

Jaqueline 8/11

Adjudicate 8/16

Xisca 8/17

Yana 8/16

Hachico 8/19

Knotty ash 8/ 23

New England 8/42

Black pearl 7/7

War Hammer 7/7

Moonlight Romance 7/10

Aboline 7/13

Verasaki 6/7

Sultan suleiman 5/13

Manifold 5/10

Trafalgar 5/15

Wellconnected 5/15

Impavid hattrick  5/ 15

Costa Bravo 5/16

Lagarde 5/ 8

Rochester 3/10

Forest flame   5 straight / 8

Born wueen 5 straight of / 6

Ashwa Bravo 4/8

Immortality 4 straight of/5

Falcon edge 3/3;

Forever spl 3/5


Horses which have develooed after each run;

In the spot light;

Oasis Star;

Desert god;


Tin tin abulation;


After a flop

Ashwa bravo;

Tin Tin Abulation;

In the spot light;

No recovery

Most unruly



Sea quest

Win my love Double flop


Eat Am bay place;5k;

5kM.Narredu first run;

Eat Aslam khader;

In the spit lught; 

Flaming star venku; Class Apart ;

Cool rider first win

MAm 2 of 50to one shots.

P  shoff charenchacjio

Pierce Arrow ;

Sinburst at 20 to one

Eat place 

Beave hunter


Agaisnt eluvepipernal 

Against southern empire


Race cources in each country

Aystealia 360

Japan 5

Singapore 1

India 8

Usa 75

Ireland 26

Hongkong 2

Uk 60






Some good payouts;

Sea quest first run forecast ;


Southern Empire  flopper; forecast;


Lagarde  soverign legend forecast; 794/_


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