Saturday, June 30, 2018

Video is more powerful

Video is more powerful no doubt; New hope emerged after loading few videos to existing list; Seen one Video about  metro travel and impressed with it;Morning class about Mobile marketing; Blog repair work continued; Known about fine images at pinterest through App;
At new point is latest track engagement and costly purchase by trackeagle But due to poor uniformity failed to succeed  but its another expecriance;

morning class was about  Google analytics and online reputation management and reporting  was very interesting; Known link details as how to report;   This is another weapon on hand for future big projects hunt; After class i went to Balanagar and purchased card and then things started to change;
At balanagar Rx cards guys cell number took; while going to balanagar tooik some videos and return journey was very tiresome;
Quite surprisingly net at home was pretty slow so unable to do much of repair work;
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