Sunday, February 01, 2009

kalamkari products handicrafts idols makers in tirupati

Dear friends!
India is a land of diverse cultures, and has distinguished history, whose legacy stands tall even today.Rich Indian Culture and Heritage is well respected. Art and craft work Paintings flourished in India from very early periods as they are evident from literary sources and also from the remnants that have been discovered.

Craft and Art speaks of past civilisations.
Amongst the popular range of Indian art "Kalamkari" paintings are those relating to mythological tales and characters. Those of Gods and Goddesses are always in demand. In fact, there are artists in India, who create their own perception of the Gods and Goddesses, which are astounding works of art and command a high price all over the world.

We are happy to announce that great artists works are blended with most modern technologies and brought to you for giving them to your loved ones or collecting them.

Apart from arts we manufacture American Diamond studded studded frames, laminated fotos with frames and few more of gift articles at affordable price!

they include:

1.Laminated pictures, with and without frames of new and and unique prints with logo and box type packing for corporates and agencies etc.(Kasula Balaji,Kalayanam blue,Saffron,Nethra darshan ,old balaji,and unique new prints) price starts from 200/-
2.Frame work with American Diamond stones of different Gods.
3.Kalyana Mandapam photos inkjet prints with frame.
4.Wooden Carfts and Kalamkari art.
5.Ananda Nilayam in 5 sizes.price starts from 100/-
6.Nethra Darshanam,Balaji with stone work.
7.Shanku Chakra with head of Balaji.
8.IC recordings and Chanting Boxes.

We can assist your travel to Tirumala,Tirupati and also nearby places kindly contact us for any help:

Please contact:
501 b upstairs Reddy&Reddy colony.

Kalamkari art with photo frame Rs 200/- Plus courier charges

Balaji head with Shanku and chakra Rs 10,000/- plus delivery charges extra

Lord Balaji photo frame Rs 200/- Plus courier charges

Lord Balaji photo frame Rs 200/- Plus courier charges

Rs 250/- courier charges

Rs 5000/-
Rs 5000/-

Rs 250/- plus courier charges

Jewellery Box starts from Rs 250/- plus courier charges

DIamond frames Starts from rs 10,000/-

Any Picture rich Framing work can be done

Small Ananda Nilayams starts from rs 100/-

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