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January 2009

31 st  january 2009
Morning in eenandu read pathetic condition of NRI s at usa at lodge morning Chintamuru narayana reddy(94409-84147)of basmati rice met had chat regarding basmati rice business to get from Haryana and sell ok sent dress for wash after this i went to net cafe had few things posted also read golimaster blog and mumbai rx odds, told edn about room in between Jana met and he was rushing after this to Anakama rao tried for room its looking remote chance then to bank deposited cash there and used my phones called kalamkari guy,Anand for pics,subra,Ankama rao,Chiru guy, at atm discussion with security guard and also cleared by huge pocket kept only important things.

Met munawwwer he told about Siddeswara art gallery j.P Nagar banagalore(Nagraj),Candle stand,antique model phone,etc Qari basith islamic chanting,Rahal(holy book stand)Muradabad brass items,also his gudance to have export and import licence idea of manufacturing artists pictures to post on blog eve again at chat thu met adn its had chat.


30 th jan 2009 post

by 10.30 received call from those frames i called and went to vasu home some problem smelled as rope was missing then on the way faced problem of auto but some how managed to send 20 frames to syam.
Another development for the day is discussion with Anand details noted pics asked and gave his pending amount and i got my poor cash settlement at net lof of chat developments noted morning missed thulasis chat at evening 2 more calender purshased read blog of big b most important development of the day is sent kept 10 diaries at vasu home that guy bank introducer help and negotiation noted.

At evening stomack upset noted calss frNaresh,Surendra inspired mor ning hetero guy Nijamuddin vishu also catching up large data of nri is further more motivation for the day but long stay at tirupati naguluri is confusing me further night construction work and sound was another head ache.

29th post

At Rtc bus stand area net used many things developed with thus at net,posted new names also,after this to post office but again disapponting courier rates then to munawwer discussed and got information about jewellery box and customs clearance shipment his family details 3plus 3 seen laptop and data cable and many pictures. jaybal met and another guy met for diary new lof of calenders came shown jaybal syam house but hickup noted Somus cell got from jaybal 99855-02835.

Ram murthy called in eve and jana met at rtc bus depot with him things discussed toranam at blog blocked,heat is fast approaching forgot water bottle thats all for the day.

28th post

Nice effects of Baba ramdev yoga guru press card help noted seen Om logo,slokas,yoga,breathing,teacher,gaddam,slapping,long safron towel effect,gaddam,to avoid drinks, have leaflets always on hand,evenmore big idol idea,big artist effect,anil agarwal donor,bhajans effect,to be a trainer,Bhajans effect,blend all religious things.

Mor murali rang up and came with subramanayam old friend but my plan failed to get required data to be careful and refined in future i gave murali ttd diary after net chat and bad spicnter failure effect to be careful in future after this with janardhan to subramanyam place took huge boxesw of 2 sizes and dtdc guy but disapponting rates then to baba meeting at net many things discussed with thula,and edn,sankyo muarali jolted me again with suprice. nice idol seen at gopi kaveri art and with syam to naresh,frames guy and finally to atta guy seen nethra darshan as good thing thats all for the day very promising with twists and turns but consolidated many things for future.

28 th post

surpricingly murali called at night syam over action and bank account failure call from akka were top stories today missed whole day is head ache one morning most of the time spent with ankama rao met 2 people at net lot of things organised at net caste system known names typed read

26th post

After internet surfing joined syam for his fathers cerimony ritual but this day being Solar eclipse some one at naguluri was telling about bad effetcts ok at syam home after lunch posted picture of syam mom and dad also edited much of information at his post known deatils about his sisters etc seen picture albums there and also collected one picture to post on blog.

At net cafe read about ramanayana,mahabharata,and vedas.when we met sekhar bhai he told to concentrate on tanjore art also ,Tirumalaih bioinformatics,recicion effect,stone work power,savings power body language and word power and regular wishing effect noted.then i visited art gallery and seen wall paintings seen

this day mixed hope as conver availabilty problem also solved that new head work and frame at naresh seen laminations hope at usa also new hope and data on large companies in india is new hope.
after this enjoyed that chandra drums power with songs.

this day being sunday nice things have progressed this is next day after darshan morning to net and fixed there for 6 long hours including chat with thulasi poor computer key killed the spirit seen missed lunch at net cafe seen calender of children art about environment pollution at bayer gave new ideas for kalamakari art to know how many calenders are given in a year to doctors? seen many pictures of kalamkari art at google morning at naguluri dalmathanion dogs movie seen.morning new idea of atm "Take additional care to someone idea".
idea of promoting desktop calender of kalamakri to pharma companies is fast emerging.on the reasearch work is progressing.

24th saturday

Morning read news as usual paper at koneti katta powerful new words for the day "parar" story about prabhakaran of srilanka elections "potthu" "hanthakudu" "slumdog millionaire arundhati movie review bachnalia related news read.

Though there was poor planning and poor understanding Syam called me and i need to rush up to him with poor preparation even then i maged that blazer for winter safety after having coffee and meeting ankama rao and took vip latter of Marri Raja sekhar mla we headed to tirumala on ohh what a terrific rush of vehicals ohh as pillion rider on syam byke (ap 03 a 9011)with helmet the jouney was enjoyable with beatiful tress and picturesque hills although fear of accident was in my mind. jeep guys were speeding very rash driving ..on the way i have seen developments of construction work of huge shelters, somehow we both reached tirumala safely with lord blessings.

After reaching syam was busy in alllocation of boarding and lord darshan tickets to his clients at padmavathi enquiry office i was busy in reading "ttd diary 2009" and book of kalamakri it was quite enjoyable with new knowledge of history and wordpower.

As there were many vips stading for rooms idea of how to tap their refences was haunting in my mind i must promote them with fine designed broture there were also costly cars standing after this i have seen devotees built rest houses near by area and noted some addreses on my note book they include "vegesna rama nanda Varma,Ananta kasi raju,of Ganapa varam,on guest house seen huge frame work of old standing lord Balaji.(APVN SHARMA,IAS,P.L.RAJU.IAS,SATYA NARAYANA BHAWAN,VISAKA INDUSTRIS,D G INDUSTRIS HYDERABAD)SEEN CALENDERS of penna cements,Ramco cements.

after syam got allotments of rooms we went to cottage on the way seen total capture of lavanya tpt flex printed huge boards with ph number 2257777.
at cottage rooms atmosphere was very cool,i took rest for some while syam headed for darshan tickets arrangement at cottage met cleaner of cottage thru his id card noted A.L.L SERVICES UNDER ONE ROOF PVT LTD MUMBAI BASED COMPANY ADDRESS while entering room seen big art work of laminated frame of vishnu.

While i was resting satyam called me after some time guests from mumbai reached and boarded room we headed for arrange ment of darshan on the way we visited one hotel but as there were no seats at all but there Kalankari art on walls then we went to another hotel and had lunch. after this again to arrange darshan tickets to them they were tensed up for some time some how syam managed tickets to them finally we went to vykuntam quee complex. after reaching there suddenly s.p laxmi reddy and his collegues entered as vips so we need to wait at complex for darshan. while waiting seen nellore surisetty surendra and i and played up with 2 girls while syam was busy in discussion with him.

after some time we headed for lord darshan and had Tilakam of tirunamam by some volunteer quickly on the way seen scanners and on board seen names of Udayaastha mana seva ticket holders names of the day some 4 names i think as this was unexpected incident i failed to note addreses but this is another pointer for future business thanks for the chance and thanks to syam.
While heading for the Darshan i had un known fear in my mind but that is releived after the lord darshan. Giant idol of lord venkateswara of 9 feet was very impressive i watched idol color of decoration many times while coming out seen vakuladevi idol also. after we came out i was tremoundously inspired by looking at giant golden gopuram "Ananda Nilayam" and after i worshipped and meditated vimana venkateshwara syam shown me more idols on nanada nilaym on the whole it was great experience.
but later when i have analysed the trip i could have nicely escorted those mumbai guests ok anyway.lot many un expected things but to be prepared always.

While syam went for laddus i was analyising visit prominance "effect of thilakam,large anandanilaym,Tonsure effect,pattu sari effect,addala meda,visiting temple regular,green and red stone effects.

That guy Ravindra D.Kudale from mumbai told about kopur hol temple and they were very happy with darshan after leaving them at woodland hotel syam and me left to tirupati it was very late and journey was chilling after reaching down it was warm.

Getting nice food was problem at night some how i managed this is really promising and wonderful day in my life.

From the morning there was heavy tension many tasks to be compleated today getting information about sending idols by courier knowing details about kalamkari art and wooden crafts(bomma koyya) etc in life time is so less and work load is so much we cant do anything just run run and run thats life all ok ok anyway so i called janardhan,sekhar bhai and found his address sannidi street,near doctor sudhakar psychologist and called jaybaul also after this syam joining me we went to tirupati branch met krishna murthy cell: 93962-91246 and got encouraging information about courier industry and rates by economy and general courier.after this we went to siva and assured him of lamination business etc.

We met vasu then i went to net and further improved my 2009 goals images and also posted effects so far after this i went to syam home where vasu was seen doing R&D on electronics and took some rest there later after chai we started to Sri Kalahasti to get information about kalamkari art on the way seen many flex printing boards.

After reaching there we met one funny guy who is an artist of kalamkari who came in bycicle he is relative of syam name anjuru rama murthy 9951009927 had tea with him initially then he called right person in the kalamkari art industry Niranjan then we headed to kalamkari unit by auto on the very green paddy fileds seen and by reaching there it was late evening and no power so we had to come back to their home at kalahasti there we have seen many items of Kalamkari work on pattu saree work on canvas Govardhana giri was so impressive art dupatta,on bed sheets also seen and many others thigs discussed and his plans about chennai showroom and participation in mumbai art gallaeries have been noted most interesting and promising this is blending kalamkari art with hand embroidery and stones is interesting one after this we met his father jonnalagadda gurappa (padmasri awardee) and known much history about this art and castism in india and their works etc his idea of Ravana rudraveena is promising one seen paper cuttings of "Bapu art" it was late night but discussion was very interesting to me my partner syam was tired his body language was irritating showing distrss signals to speaker so i alerted him but he reacted voilently but much some how i managed him and the discussion went on(new point to note on handling people) colly with lot of historic data and works like natya bhangima,nataraja,process of kalamkari art on cloth,bharatha,bhagavatha,ramayana effect,budha art of kalamkari,krishna leela,rama pattabhi shekam,pancha tantra,siva leela,katha, and he gave one book which he wrote about kalamkari left the place with padabhivandanam to teacher but i failed to handle one question about caste again new situation for the day which i couldnt handle.

later on bus we headed back to tirupati syam left from bus stop i met naresh at bhima complex and his friend 97036-11109 had exchnage of information about flex told much information about sankar naidu naresh also gave assurance to stud big idol of lord balaji thats how day passed.

22nd thursday

Mor suddenly hotel visiting cards collected on tea time.Sticker pasted on diary at color xerox chandu rates of printing of paper learnt at .N V prasad cards ready with nice slogan,to mro office filled passport applications filled there one calender seen in which C.R .Rajan cell: 93473-00027,again jana caught up shown picture,met subba rao proddatur guy searched for rent room had commitment from syam for that krishna complex room.

Mor at naguluri someone from kurnool met and he said to display at public places that killing dress(Khaddar) from that guy mail and messages from thulasi had gave visitng card to to wood side hotel Varada rajan.Gave dress for to that lodge with syam met lady and also met 5 crore building and welcome group hotel visited murali met.

After coming to net edited 2009 goals and met thulasi discussed many things and also had chat with gandhi dont market things which are not available and presentation skills new hope for that toronto order.

Night with syam new idea small things with acrylic:

Srikalahasti Style of Kalamkari:
this style of kalamkari painting is influenced by Indian temples. Scrolls and wall hangings with narratives and figurines from epics such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas, etc. deities such as Krishna, Brahma, Ganesha, Durga, Kiratavinyaarjuna, Lakshmi, Rama, Shiva and Parvathi were the main subjects.

21 st post

Today as usual i got up and had morning Tea at same tea shop, purchased eenadu daily, on the way to Koneti katta opp Sindhuri park hotel area i have seen one pathetic situation someone is seen collecting used Polythene covers from a stinking Dust-bin(Garbage) it was very horrible and inhuman situation to me to see. i wonder why such situation is prevailing in a sacred place like Tirupati pilgrims will be horrified shocked like me... please dont blame me i dint help that guy as this was unexpected incident but i wonder when will India change from this kind of seans "God lord balaji" only can answer.

After this i read eenadu paper there and planned few things on my note book one morning walker was watching "Obama" news head-line on my eenadu paper then i went to lodge after having Upma at Woodside hotel names collected there Varadarajan ,prathap after this... at naguluri Parthasarathy Carpentar from Chennai met and discussed many things i paid 100/- to ramu.

Then i went to collect dress on the way back purchased 2 stickers of chiranjeevi and also gave 1 more pair for wash..After bath met Ankama rao (classic printers)he asked for ic chanting of "prarapa" and asked him about flux printing,unique pictures photos and rates of flux printing year calenders seen room at 3 rd floor but height was a problem so i couldnt decide.

after this with syam we went to market reasearch for idols(fibre) for head with Shanku and chakra tried with 3 places(phone number Rama krishna traders 9247112558 and ) but failed.after this we went to passport office guy details noted name forgotten.after this we headed for shop enquiry surprisingly got nice response there that guy R.Bujji(sree padmavathi digital printing no.4.municiapal complex.opp srinivasam cell: 93976-54103-90100-49307) and politics effect noted( caste effect and syams penetrations with confidence?) his rate offer for plux printing was encouraging,then to that market met b.dorai raju(om sri shakti vegitables cell: 99490-50804,99492-98266. His address tomato,&veg commition 95,s indiara priya darshini veg market.tilak road.tirupati.517 501.) and gave him chanting box of praja rajyam and visiting cards asked his support and discussions had his "Body language" and lemon drink .after reaching lodge seen "Ttd-diaries" freely avaialble so risked amount and purchased 12 another 3 after break.. diaries at a strech this act was unexpected move alltogether and was this a effect of TTD is because of eenadu write up?

Afetr this i had lunch Naresh paid for it (scape goat?)...then with drawn 1k from sbi in between had problem with someone and that was unexpected after reaching Naguluri again purchased 3 more diaries and seen tv dancing etc at nagulauri.

After joining net..... Jana...msg ....Netradarshan with back ground Ananda nilayam is good combination. what do you say?

ok night session with syam again to chandu and had fresh stickers then drinks and to net removed most of adsense code at blog.

purchased 2 shirts ..suddenly after lunch break and also had parcel of Kushka but not eat it.

(Post script: parsi pandarinath gupta bsc, member 040-24548994-cell;9701229536.
acahari-sri srinivasa shilpa nilayam cell:92999-50292.(k.tejeswara achari) siva jyothi nagar.tirupati.

N.V.Prasad manager.ravi .98661-25551)

(Former Union Ministers P. Shivshankar and P. Upendra,
Ch. Harirama Jogaiah, Kotagiri Vidyadhara Rao,
Kala Venkata Rao, Yelamanchili Sivaji,
Former IAS officer KSR Murthy,
Katti Padma Rao, MP C. Ramachandraiah,
Gyanendra Reddy, Devisetty Srinivas,
Kanakarao Madiga, Rajamouli and
Ramachandra Naik.

C. Nagaraju, Treasurer,

The vice-presidents:
Former police officer C. Anjaneya Reddy,
Reddaiah Yadav,
Puttapaga Radhakrishna and Khaleel Basha.
One VP vacant
General secretaries:
Dr. P. Mitra, Tammineni Seetaram,
Sobha Nagi Reddy, P. Vinay,
Jalli Siddayya, Kamineni Srinivas,
Arunatara and Vanga Geeta.
Two general secretaries vacant

The State committee for administration has four general secretaries:
Allu Aravind (Administration & Planning), Parakala Prabhakar (Media Relations), K.V. Rao (Presidential Affairs) and K. Kanna Babu (Coordination & Public Relations).

Kumar Koneru and Srinath were named president’s secretaries,

Radhakrishna as office secretary, apart from two secretaries, Vikram (Research & Planning) and M. Satti Babu (Media).

P.L. Mahender, Goka Sridhar, Vasireddy Padma and Gowtham.

Of the 9 working committees,
They are Harirama Jogaiah, former IAS officer Thota Chandrasekhar and Gangayya Naidu.

Women’s panels
Mahila Rajyam committees were announced in six districts including
Anantapur, Meda Anuradha,
Guntur, Siva Nagendram
Nellore, Eswaramma
Nizamabad, A. Amrutha Latha Reddy
Kadapa ,Latha Reddy
Medak, Kasani Manjula)

20th jan 2009 post

Met that langda guy assisatant of kumara reddy at kumar laminations street with syam and met marvadi guy who sells pens etc fromt here to biryani and this net cafe before that me and syam to bar before that that vasavi kanyaka parameshwari guest house and seen grandhi crane guys pick and community of T.G venkatesh etc. recd visiting card of cthat guy...names at doors at that guest house noted ,amaravadi lakmi narayana,...where to find rich people data ? also do rd on rich and famous reddys.....naidus..legends...m.l.a s..govt officials...corporators..diary of arya vysya to discuss with surendra...improve dress skills..mail from thulasi noted.

At mor more dis at lodge ppl details abt chiranjeevi visit to chittor ...dis with jana..flashes to send free laminations to brit biologicals..magunta reddys..vasant bhawan etc.falsh..have details about flux printing block sharma ..recd head shanku chakra...balaji met there cell number..93951-64909..from there to naresh..cell;no..98493-58064.

At mor deposited 7k to my ac,gave dress for wash eve posted bill to siva gave order met jana his un easy noted.

Mor seen prarapa guy at market washed wind coat at lodge eve met ...that kavceri handicrafts..

at afternoon recd nice mail from thulasi with requirement at net few things abt prarapa was horribly slow at sindhuri park but still posted pics for 2009 post that post has improved further.

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