Sunday, February 01, 2009

31 st post

Morning in eenandu read pathetic condition of NRI s at usa at lodge morning Chintamuru narayana reddy(94409-84147)of basmati rice met had chat regarding basmati rice business to get from Haryana and sell ok sent dress for wash after this i went to net cafe had few things posted also read golimaster blog and mumbai rx odds, told edn about room in between Jana met and he was rushing after this to Anakama rao tried for room its looking remote chance then to bank deposited cash there and used my phones called kalamkari guy,Anand for pics,subra,Ankama rao,Chiru guy, at atm discussion with security guard and also cleared by huge pocket kept only important things.

Met munawwwer he told about Siddeswara art gallery j.P Nagar banagalore(Nagraj),Candle stand,antique model phone,etc Qari basith islamic chanting,Rahal(holy book stand)Muradabad brass items,also his gudance to have export and import licence idea of manufacturing artists pictures to post on blog eve again at chat thu met adn its had chat.
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