Wednesday, January 02, 2019

2019 january

1st Jan 2019

New year day: Bawa called Uma called: New year wishes from whatsapp recd from many : Edited next tasks: read link on time management: Headache had from one google review: 2019 pririolties set: Evening spent time with review note book; Had Mehfil Biryani with gta;

2nd Jan 2019 wedday:
Sent many whatsapp msgs:
Worked near Ranigunj met
1. Chennai steel;
2.Ramesh Electricals
3.Khater (Huge potenciality for Electronics)
4.nutty delight  dealer
6. Sana distributors old man;
New year wishes conveyed to whom ever i met:
Morning 1 call from Adhedives dealer;
60 data collected and retrieved some of their standings; Night collected huge crorepathis Data of Telangana last two elections;;

3rd jan Thursday 2019;
Continued work at Ranigunj

Met Adhesives; unique control: Renewal reminder prints took from near ny cafe:
Gave stats print to another;  another old  customer met stickers hope emerged;
 and also collected 30 plus data;
Pavan collected one payyout National Jewellery their negative issue solved with my answer to complaint;
Mor dropped gta during wait retrieved  google standings Data;

4th Jan fri 2019:

Had a great day ; Activated all google maps entries found  vetuku1  account with 71 google activations and  total count is 377 plus  which is highly commendable;

Kasturi called and made me admin for 10 of whatsapp groups thats a great achiervement;  Created fb and twitter accounts from his  mobile this is another break through:
 collected some more data onthe way and retrieved theur standing too later:

Evening edited whatsapp mailer and known it can be 65 000 charecter message; content is much better now and also transated to Telugu  with gtas help now  even more poised;Pavan kept in contact:
Group admin powers also known;
Now i can send msg to 767 ppl;

5th Jan Saturday 2018;

No field work at all but sent many whatsapp messages had them seen it  one response also got; Organised collected data; Night read Telugu Velugu; Rx prepared;

6th jan sunday 2019;

Perfect planning of poonawallas gave new hope at rx; Seco d run of life as fab and win gave another boost; trevor won again with last time winning mount; At night retrived lot of data; Lot of review sites knowledge k own,

7th jan monday 2019;

Morning to park;
Morning sent Ameen 4 links;
Worked in Ranigunj area.  Felt very tiresome and hunger pangs;
But after having Puri things slowly started to change;
 Met Rexine House. 
Karshak Brothers
New data collected. 
Met Adhesives.
 Rithka Suites; After coming home edited Nlr Simhapuri ply woods and followup did with Pavan;
Ameens followup dint fetch anything;
At rx akso one point gained with Riche Oaks win;

8th Jan Wedsday 2918;

Morning to park spent some time there sent whatsapp msg;
Worked in 2 sessions at Ranigunj;
Morning met Rithika; ethames knowledge;
Fire guy stats page handed over;
Chain and sprokets Taher eng ; Hitech ranking known;
Ash came to hyd msg recd;
Hope from super enterprises;
Again data collected from field;
Bharat metals met;
Followup did with Ameen sent msg to Yoganand;
 Disturbbance again from Vasavi;
Called Akka and its a flop got annoyed;
Evening got calender of NavaTelangana thx to the followup;
Pavan is absent mag sent him;
For few more calls did;
Evening collected cheque from Rexine house foam manufacturers info known; Adhesives godowns seen got his payout; Days data count is 44;
Mumbai rx book purchased; 
scanned it;
Water scarcity at home;
Eenadu calender scanned and msg sent;

9th Jan wed day 2019;

Morning sent msgs about removal but no one responded: As Aswin called i met him had chat; Evening Excel cheque collected;
Video of Adbesives took;
Night had party with Kishore came back by Cab;

10th Jan Thursday 2019;

Body pains throught the day; Chq dropped: Data retrived from home; Night visited Numaiash lot of things known; pavan called and said collected payout chq; Called Nrn; Suresh vja;

11th jan Friday 2018;
No field work again; Posted Royal ind; Adhesives; excel blog posts;
Excel cheq got cleared; Pavan followup did with Hotel Pariwal edited their number; Lot of pending wirkd completed; Took  politics net prinrs from Narayanaguda;

12th jan sat day 2019;
Met electricals ; super ent; unique; later data collectiond and retrieval of their standing during wait at hotel Green Bawarchi; Later session and came back home; Pavan transfered amount; Prasad and Satish called;

13th jan sunday 2019;
Mostly at home ; Organised Data; sent whatsapp msgs;

14th jan Monday.2019
Bhogi day mostly at home; wished almost 20 ppl; Evening organised data; highest reviewd landmarks on google maps listed out;

15th Jan Tuesday 2018
Not impressive Sankranti except meeting Satish and Sudhakar in night; Top 20 t ids listed out; Lost temper on a youtube Video comment posted; Most of them seen dumping their own stories than exchanging nice things;

16th Jan wedday 2018;
Arranged Chicken; Transfered amount to Pawan;

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