Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 2018

Nadaswaram party at Kakinada

1st sunday April;  Added numbers from Eenadu and Sakshi; Seen Videos on personality development and English;

2nd Monday april; Closed Alakhananda; Gangaiah pics took; Stations till kaninada seen;

3rd April Tuesday; Travel to Kaninada by ac train Seshadri; won all of them but poor sleep;

4th April Wed ; Evening marriage at Dwaraka Tirumala lot of new introductions tough Bus journey; Stomach trouble; Heavy sounds;

5th april; Thursday; total rest at Keshavulu house and pinki Dad nd mom introductions photo sessions; night Sai and Husbands Pot biryani;

6th April; Friday reached tpt from Kakinada; English Videos seen; paid Airtel Bill; Acccheck; rice purchased;

7th April; Saturday; Decided to sell papers from office and sold; By evening told Manaohar reddy; So tention reduced;

8th April Sunday; How to be even more polite videos seen Each person is different; Saved numbers to mobile; visit to Tiruchanoor  padmavathi temple with Gta;

9th April  Monday; 4 g plus activated; Eswhwar Nandi Used cars ; S S  catering; PLR; Gangaiah; night Cheecken Pakoda;

10th April;  tuesday;No field work; Shifted Telvelugu from ofice to home heavy ; sold some more papers; seen many Videos; Met Koteswar rao

11th April Wed day 2018; Loded pics for Alakhananda; Gangaiah; Dhyana sai; Msgd pavan;
April blog postings posted;
12th April;tpt; thursday;
13th April; 2018; friday;Amara payout; Pavan payouts got;
1.14th April; Saturday ; Travel to Hyd by Venkatadri; only curd rice; in night;
Morning paid electric bill;
 Booked Byke to Hyd weakness and long wait  heat noted;

2.April 15th Sunday 2018; Reached safe but due to neibours Guraka and heat unable to sleep whole night; It really took very long time this time to release byke due to goods parking; other things went cool; Had tough time to have night sleep in lodge due to heat; 
Huge expenses for the day;

Day 3,16th April; Monday; Prakash nagar Sr; and Santosh (Varanasi)  success;
met Sarada Sarees; Met Kishore at morning; Enquired abt Byke in morning with reddy; Attended Delhi Rx a/c this time; Rs 120/-; Sitout with Kiran at night posted many things on net;

day 4;17th April Tuesday; Enroute Red hills and Kukatpally Sr reached Kalyans home; added DW  numbers to group;

Day 5;18th April Wedday;(Ashshyatritiya day) Started to Zaheerabad thngs completed by evening came back and retired in kalyans home; Heavily tired with heat;

Day 6th; 19th April Wedday; With Gta to bank and deposited cash and i got Cash  gift too;

Day 7th; 20th April ; Thursday; Had poor Ravva Dosa;

Day 8; 21st April; friday;  Morning   new Rings at Seetha Jewellers; Met Sastry and Satish;
 Came back to Narayana guda enroute Boinpally; added Badruddin; yadav; R Book 2 times checkup on Drunk and Drive; 
Day 9th April Satday; Rx shocker ex fond fantasy;  Pavan saved it anyway; again lot of lessions; Byke service ready by night; Morning lot of wait at Kacheguda with Gta booked ac tickets by Tatkal anyway; Ecom venture plannings did; heat and expenses for the day; Mobile numbers added for the day; 
Developments by calling Kalyan; Shailoo msg to pinkys father etc;

Day 10; 22rd April  Sunday; Rx shot fai fav won;  old network guy  giddalur met;
Pavans sabotage continued;
Travel back to TPT; Nice sleep; Morning coolly parcelled byke; Night Mehfil (Pan Shop guy)family Biryani; porters help; pan guy;  Kadapa family bsnl; horrible heat at lodge; loneliness; Numbers added again;

23rd april; Reached  TPT safe; Quickly started to move the things set luggage in order;  last week papers scanned; Some calls did in field;  Meghana ,paintsfurnitures etc; Few photos took;Milk and Vegitables arranged; Released byke by auto ; No noon else dares; Attended office took few things to home ; Water arranged; Worked in Hot sun 20 plus mobile numbers added for the day;
Some field calls did at field; Horrible heat continued; Posted pending blog posts;
Called Koti he arranged rice by night; Called Krishna had poor response;
Met Jana; Munawwer added back again; arvind paid in evening; sarada entry deleted; Attended gta gold issue;
24th  April tuesday;Morning Sri shirdi sai g maps activated; many videos on e com portal seen; Chat with uma; Night meetup with Pavan;Pending blog posts posted; april renewals checked; Seen oyogifts portal;Laptop net activated;
2018 developments checked;
25th April Wed day;
Videos seen on Bahuali also; Avoid waste guys;  always say less; Dressing skills known; say no bravely; pointing knife; How people are with me; sdded moile data again; very hot day again;
Night Sri shirdi sai payout recd; pavan dint turnup in evening; purchased overan sr; things to home dosa pindi; Onion etc; friendch style hotel and new bykes kadapa reddy met; unable to bring chairs from office due to over heat;
26th April thursday;
Ramireddy called; srnivas mac called abt marriage; Pavan called; Very hot;
R point again there re lot of winners out there;

28th April;Pressure for rent at home;gained 10 k moile numbers;brought Pad from office; gace mobile to Koti;Morning met pretty girl; Reduce some more luggage from office;
29th th April;
nabhotho nabhashyati;
Jana called;Known how to share youtube videos;Seen Fidaa movie at home; Enthusiasm videos seen;arranged checken etc; visited manohar Reddy meetup;
30th april; Did few calls at morning;mobile numbers added;Met Jana at night;
got 10k mobile data;Met gama; Meghana; sr payout got;Met lavanya; given keys to manohar reddy;

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