Monday, June 03, 2013

3rd June plannings

send cheques for collection
***Big calls letters must go; organise ads data again
edit the letter again;
Follow ups;daaram positive homeopathy sobhanachalam;
***task for Ajay NRN?
advanced plannings; field work;
Bujji  faily chinna pullaiah turnup ?

incoming calls?
post yesterday pics;
consolidate google R&D listings of ranigunj;


2nd june sunday

Got up at 4.30 AM;In blog font changes work was very funny thing;  Advanced planning ideas emerged as to go to nellore again  1st week of july.This time along with 5 news papers vaartha and WOW hyderabad took;Kishore helped me in stickers for 2 google directories work but trouble at printer; Managed to pin ads and file them in seperate folder; called Ajay and gave him money;later gave money to narsing rao also;scanned wow hyd lot of ads seen;trouble erupted at home later;Took some snaps of books display; participated in kajals colgate  scheme; Activated rim and Docomo

@ times trouble erupted at home; in night attended TRS meetings;Meeting needs of umbrella;and dynamics noted; missed Insulin dose of night;missed lunch also;Ajay dynamism seen in meeting;

Bawa and Bujji  Chinna Pullaiah have called;Called.NRN also connected;

Dhana;suneetha; Munawwer also connected;had chat with Syam again; had long chat with Subbarayudu,Durga;   Night rina gave one Gift.

Mama ph 9985922144;
subbarayude gollapalli;99085 30479


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