Friday, March 15, 2013

sri timbers and saw mills rc puram near bhel hyderabad

Sri Timbers and Saw  mills

RC puram near BHEL

We sell burma teak,Indian Teak,African Teak for economic rates;
cell; 9299999535,

14th march post

One mailer from indimart can be used to my advantage;***Morning new market found long work had 6 positives for the day(electric guy,pumps guy;Halwa guy;pickles;home applinces;jeweller) and did almost 25 calls;no closings triggered tention; new knowledge is lead generating service;***entry submition work of nellore data to blog continued from home both morning and evening sessions;Ggle map sumition work also managed from sadgun;
***Manged to find who are on maps for few entries and segregated them;
***7th positive Morning Suresh Royal home needs guy(nellore) called cell;98492 62949;
***Took prints at evening;oil to home;Emailed to lights guy;jewellersinfo new id for the day;some more ggl key words known;Skipped rx;
>>>leaflet with visiting card distribution idea has emerged; seen on times;

Kmala;mama;ramoji have called;
subordinated gta for power bill payment;Evening owner aunty and uncle came home alrerted them on health;baby cried;gongura pachadi dinner;


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