Monday, February 04, 2013

tour continued

29th jan

cash from dr; followup with postal authorities;Saveer met at nightg;sent courier;Biryani with Seenaih and his friend;
30 th jan
Dr Jp Reddy and madina success stories;Krishna Mohan met;Invoice work of twitter done;pics loaded;Some chemists were not ready at all for free listings;Mor with raja reddy discussion about old nellore shops;and print ads importance;Read Rama Murthy news paper;Bouncer by Tea shop for asking visitn g card; Tejender issue emerged;

31 st Jan post;
Postal letter recd finally;some more cards data collected;loaded anurag;

1 st Feb
Samaba gave diary;Giri joined;Ram chandra gave rx Book;Ram reddy met;ph to Syam;
New visitng cartds on hand; long chat with some podalakur teacher;
2 nd feb ;
some field calls continued;

3 rd feb sunday Mumbai derby day;
managed morning and eve work;
No call from kamal;?


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