Thursday, November 22, 2012

22nd today eeroju

Another set-back had from rx;but new point is low weighs  level weights;c s jodha;(spent sros money anyway)had success at redhills;
nrn&nrn  met had very long cha  AT JANATHA still no consolidation;by night things have got compromised at home;purchased lemon pickle;brought coffee powder;rajanna met on road;
also seen 1st days results of mumbai rx thanks to net;

**new point of rx new  rx tickets counter  known @khairatabad;
u need to have money here 4 rx;

cs jodha 49

sumo c s jodha 49 kgs at level weights;danger for fav;new point 4 the day;


21st nov post;

Finally new banner is ready at blogSome more sites seen at alexa; paid net bill; till 2 pm at home then joined Kiran;one operation successful;long discussion;manged to retrived 4 days local papers;Nrn replied back;Loaded some samethalu images to blog;80 k followers base achieved;finally trouble at home due to cell ph calls and TV news;

youtube channel info by srn;some videos of social report seen;


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