Monday, September 03, 2012

addresses of tv channels in hyderabad


1.chennai airtel 122;
2.chennai bsnl 117 115
4.chn dishnet 27

5.hyd beam 49;
6.grps pune 49;
7.hyd tata 59
8.tata mumbai 49;
9.bang tata 14;
10.aircel hyd 101;
ongole 119;
bang 116 mts
hyd hathway 27

nellore 117 bsnl
new delhi 61 tata
bharati 106;
microsoft 207
qualcom 202
uou 219 hyd
nib 210
pineer hyd 182;
tanzania 41;
google 74
uk 62
hp 15
my bedroom

home door

my home


london 157;

cyber police hyderabad

040 - 2785 2040
ri. K. Chitti BabuAsst. Commissioner of Police 9490616 168
Sri. G. VenkateshamInspector of Police 9490616 010
Sri. R. Majid Ali KhanInspector of Police 9490616 187

3rd sept

NRN; reading consolidations;
try renewals plus new calls;

load pics;>>> loaded;

Days record;

Divya jyothi  school  narayanaguda  hyderabad near by my home;

850 ips have been tracked by stats counter so far  with me i have done extensive tracking added almost another 300 for the day; Moastly at home doing R& D for net by night consolidated Rx ;pedigree and added content to mynellore;discussed about covering future places with GTA she gave promising information about coastal andhra; call from younus anasuya lodge known to stay in adilabad;lot of stats labling work did;
TV show on facebook(new idea founder ,dream) effect of like button; dams search anlysis did for long time;Call from gopal;
Few more important links kept at blog; mark started facebook(is it programming?)
Athihoya listing seen at google;
days sugar levels;after food at 213 thanks to gta even after forgetting afternoon tablet; chikkadpally raju met gave his visiting card also told abt his sons marriage and of ramesh and nagesh Narender old friend;
Unable to cope up with power failures to find the way faster or plan; long walk to chikkadpally at night; laxman paper vendor at chikkadpally;also interacted with young guys at compound about water success;
original vel book and business world purchased;
arranged atta;milk again;shampoo;piad muggu lady;
ajay called; to go ahead; rain news at eenadu; rain in hyd;
 fater watching many hits for bus timings for nellore  idea is emerging to update for rail bus and air timings for ap;


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