Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22nd august

5.Put on FM;power fluctuations at home got cleared;(6)GTA was abesnt anyway arranged keys;(7)success at RX; (*)More interaction with auto-walla on return journey; (9)2 more stickers 4 the day;one in auto and another near HRC cell phones counter;(10)Chiurs birth day tweets was big highlight of the day and FM music: seen (11)Rx dates at BOLs  book ;(12)next days RX book on hand now; (13)arranged Rice after altercation (arguments)with GTA( for poor rice,curries etc) (14)Pus continued 4 the day..gtas underwear TIP helped;

Heavy hunger pangs at HRC interaction  managed with 2 idlis sambar interaction with  2 of  punters; (15)again confidence gained from rx now to multiply on this;keep fund next also to call Gandhi and team up; (16)at HRC coffee guy(power star) cup dynamics whats this?
Few more  pics took today some new vegitable seen; at morning ;subbordinated  gta to call on few of 18 sakshi biz ads pay current bill etc;
for some pics description kept at my blog;
19.Morning GTA child like cry; manged to reduce intake; GTA paid electric bill;
20.Morning neibours shout on cleaner;21.Girl met with accident helped her;

21;sudden outburts need to be taken care;(lost at HRC) could have lost at neibour:
few more pics;night NDTV debate new knowledge;22;chirus birthday tweets;23.enjoyed FM music;

(Days new words;mouse trap;rumour hatres hate speach;mediaVS social media;spoof;law and order;fish to water;ethnically;creed;system exists)

the toilet i wanted to see how my camera works thats it;

living room many times i took my bed sheet pics

MY FM Radio on my computer table;

Small bathroom my home

new muggu camera work pls

Gas cylynder
next room in my home
(23) ice cream to rina(25) her daddy(24)narsing raos intrution;

daily possible developments for me!

Daily possible consolidations; t ids keywords to blog and content! pics with #TAGS
4.information from many sources such as; internet;dailies; tvs; magazines;friends;
5.stickers and branding work
6.Income from different sources;
7. exposure to new locations new persons;(suresh) rx knowledge; yes; to Ka
10.g plus blog posts;movie reviews( to act well before)
11.writing consolidations; can learn from dailies ,net etc;
sneha on her birthday

46 yeras of age;


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