Sunday, June 24, 2012

24th sunday june post;

organised few more pics at blog;
Rx R& D did; next day planned;posted yesterday blog;Arranged things for home;With drawn cash from ATM; read some more tips from one rx tips web site;
Ka 69 483;

25 th monday post

pay rent;
new visitng cards;byke repair; hair cut;
telanga na sros list
load pics;
New ids; m nagr classifieds;
search in google;
vijaya cottage in labels;
syams pics;ajay stations;
fashin blogging;
Buy refil;
narendra;Tarbund; some field calls;
web labs;

23rd june saturday

Sudden chance came as Sridhar reddy transfered cash to my account;Heavy leg pains after rx stint Gta helped; Power cut at many times slowed down work at home; Due to poor odds at Rx and loss heavy depression had to be faced; Again that hunch of Rx book fallen down; narsing rao came and enquired long time;Felt uncomfortable to report loss to investor;Solace from Chalapthi anyway;rebuttal double story;Some pics of home took;Youtube story read at eenadu;Rx book has fallen and failure signal; Celibrity baby tweets;Small temperment missed at RX ring with sardarji he was also drunk;narendra and cheng called up;
Calls recd from cheng,NRN,Spects box repair;
youtube celibrities;with a little faith;broks zoo cobra;soca million;mishka the talking dog;

Confidence levels have further enhanced with fillies and same jockey success story; ex Smashing,Monreale,Thunderbay; good place missed;
At HRC; real drama;
1.first chance missed at 2 pm;(due to chalapthis late)
2.Wrong place & win bets;3 rd silent;(loss started)
3.race silent;
4 th race;Very low odds of (Thunder bay;)Ensatus Elegans

 My  maid servant working for last 2 yers ;

Pooja room at my home

5th Rdigeway and Torolocco win bets ;place missed;(Wrong betting)
6.Anacostia and Hillfigher wrong bets;
7.Ashwa shakti very low odds;
8.Wrong bet formula won;
fillies were successful overall;
Alarmingly tired afetr coming home;


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