Thursday, January 26, 2012

26th jan post... republic day

Got up early;Surprised to see money is missing followed by arguments and insecurity disturbance ;Rina came and told about her Nanys birth day and her innocece exposed i lost tung anyway to be bit more careful; Asked gta for tiffen Invited lalith for tiffen;Morning Old man opp side met at milk point invited(cell no;9701990578;9948037762;scanned 3 news papers;

Called 1.Syam and long chat 2.ramoji follow up 3.Satya 4.Gandhi 5.Nrn called; 6.Koti 7.Chinna.. 8.Chalapathi sir;Suguna came early;Tweeted about republic day;Confirmation news of race cancelled;Enquired galli function;Galli flag hoisting pics posted;Some function songs;Funny thing on pic;Chengaiah brothers function known;

Met Nrn at office fater a long time and had discussions launch plan;Eve call from Chalapthi sir;Had planning session and discussion in 3 segments with Gandhi more clarity had investments needed exposed;seen D w grabbing coverage of competitor;Lalith left at night triggering few more uneasy things;

--------------------------------------- address SRT 291 Jawahar nagar
RTC x Roads;Hyderabad;



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