Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th jan muggulu,new logo,originalvel record book(almanac)

Very chilling day of winter again pain triggered tention in stomach right side i dont know wether it is ulcer or something else.Due to Power cut things couldnt be progressed power of elctricity known;took some pics of "muggulu" "Rangoli" on this Bhogi day around neibour hood area Camera but batteries played up;Appreciated coloful muggu of neibour.

lot of questions by GTA lost temper at few of them;Ordered few things from Kirana shop;Request but GTA couldnt fulfil due to time constraints;Gandhi and Nrn;and call from nellore and re assurance;

Original vel Record book purchased;Attended Rx but lof of confusion had to be faced with two centres racing bookmakers for Kolcutta further confused;Few more new points gained at ring;At hyderbad missed one 6 to one shot;New point from "Nano Desire" track work."plenipotent" story confution and confution every where;

jana met on chat and changed logo for lekhari;NRN again called and so KM;frequent poweer filures again at home in the evening;

There was no post from golimaster for bangalore and hyderabad races;

13th jan double mistakes day

From morning uneasy and unable to manage time and unexpected demands and commitments;Pressure came from NRN to do attend settlements with one of his collegues most of the day gone in solving this issue nice experience anyway;On the bargain missed 4 choices and did one big mistake too;this is really tough time and was totally disappointed at turn of events;

Found very tough to answer and report to investor about the loss but he was ok with reporting;Further more consolidation did to avoid mistakes Not to miss same j choices next time;

Bhawar called chated for some time at night;ashwin also called and assured this is new development;missed call from SYam and few more people;DTP guy brother came took cylynder bag etc for office;laneline bill came;
Call came from sampath karimnagar guy;


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