Monday, September 05, 2011

Pan Shops In Hyderabad Anand Pan shop Boggulakunta Hyderabad

Anand Pan Shop
Shop no 29,Needs arcade,
Boggulakunta Hyderabad
Contact;Dev Anand cell; 9347301870
Vijay Anand Cell; 9849304603

4th Sept post

Sunday gta was absent;paid to Dish,garbage guy Emmanual;Quick house clean by maid;raju met at sunanda;falure at rx again(accident and fall) but still new points gained;days dailies info about traafic police in google page; Lot of r & d did on twitter followers; new flash came is to go personally to close anyone;Mullapudu death news;

Days ids were; misshyderabad;ashokafoam;getmycab;

3 rd Sept post

Sec bad arial survey managed morning;again same area survey in th evening almost 25 calss did;plus some area survey; Evening mayur pan met and also met one cell phone google maps seen;One call for pic of carpets and thats new begining;few more prints again; galli ganesh pics took at night and missed sravani pic due to battery failure;dances and drums;Insulin and overan purchased;One blog abt sec bad seen;

Mornig aluminium guys google and just dial exposure;days ids were posubazaar;panditcarpets;Night language drama at compund did;duracells purchase from swastic and his wish noted;


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