Friday, July 15, 2011

14th july post

heavy hunger and back pains at morning hunger releived by Nimbupani with sugar; back pain is releived by afternoon;rain continued till afternoon;weakness continued till afternoon;unruly behaviour for lack of water by Gta;morning mailed to galatta and tms;

Withdrawn 2 k cash from bank and got 1 k funding by gta is a welcome move;Unable to continue consolidation work at home due to weaknness.

Important things of the day were call from prakash and long a discussion and news about padmaja;call from ebrandz ( offer to as their technical partner is welcome move) again call received from orbit and this time call for bank check?; called koti to send he acted very swiftly;
Relief got after shopping at chaupal fresh some green curry leaves and few more;night seen satya home;


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