Sunday, June 26, 2011

june 24,25 th posts

24th june post;

after a long wait with stya for nrn on followup they came so shown them ashok nagar Office and had lenghthy discussions;satay commitment failed;pharma ids of twitter seen;called SRn;batteries kept for chargig;

25th June post;

Morning hunger levels were more;

Searched long for insulin outside in between Raju tried to stop scooter but avoided him;
Satya called up and came to home told abt his family problems his good comment; Narendras commitment failed for the office; Satya paid back rs 500/- and thats the only income for the day; gave dress press oldmans smartness noted;visahouse;mmrgroupco new ids for the day;Chandras msg was good;No replys to job yet;

faternoon slept for long time;call received from Reddy and NRN,stya;Night curries from outside;Rx book seen at morning;Depression began as things are not moving as expected;Unable to know as what to do from now as reserves are getting depleted quickly; Night owners menace again;dosage limits have crossed again for the day;


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