Monday, January 17, 2011

17th jan post

Very hectic day with lot of things;work at golkonda sro again fetched 1 entry; morning tried muzam zahi market office and scooter miss behaved totally even then not lost totally; evening erragadda office tried met few ppl and exposed; morning 2 images scanned and posted; Mor 2 days blogs also posted and tweeted; Lot of R&D on RX connections progressed;ajays call recd 2 times;night stats checked at cafe interesting things found; walk 2 chikkadpalli SRO at after noon; scooter ok by afternoon;prints of Golkonda took at morning;tablets at morning purchased; Corbon paper; new bouncer is drunkard at tiffen time 2 be careful next time; Rs 500/- from bank;scoter levers covers; Rx fixtures checked;mor msgs sent to gta ok;

Night room rent and vacating enq by balu; water to room; During the scooter travel found that eye glasses needed very badly.

jan 16th post

Cme very closer at rx again;now need capital; team up; morning searched 4 room at malakpet;byke is not upto the mark; to be very careful when 2 centres at rx for tickets;to decide well in advance;
No news papers day! srns call; shanku chakra door to door hope; pickles lady s call and followed by things;

15th jan post

Ajays called back thats new turn;gta non cooperation contd;good talk with prksh;msgs with hny;new socks ;night cooking;nice time pass with msgs at net; at kolkata met satya narayana and spent lot of time with him; dhana and suneetha calls;shalini s talk; tablet missed;linklocks;allsectech;


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