Friday, December 24, 2010

24th dec post;

Morning managed 22 tprints at office;most of the day no net at office time wasted; sent ajay 2 field;msgs contd with gta;SRN feed back abt prk; checked sbi statement transfered 3 k to bank; transfered cstrokes id; papers shortage at office; stats recorded;hyper hunger levels;msg sentt to jana syam;8 days left for december;retrived red hills data; SRN satyam dynamics noted;

Deep concentrated plannings did for rx and future; daring longer odds;seconds; who is working on which horse;slowly gain confidence; next 5 years plan did; last 5 years also analysed;
total benifit for the day calculated to be a massive 16k; finally after long wait computer reached home;through laptop postings are very late; expectation from Gta to be very affectionate; some editings did at imp ppl file; byke assurance also got from SRN; Ajay came very very late by then i was enervated; back pain also continued throught the day; afternoon forced to take rest at room for some time;Srn was very liberal and gave money for table also; night control failed and had more dosage and also gave commitment; energy levels failure for the day was alarming? morning checked sbi statement and transfered carrerstrokes id to that lady; night hick up at room they closed it need to be very careful from now take balus number also;sai called and said abt her job offer; Srn complaint abt Prk?;
receptionist social media enq; ashoks cell;9059032278

23 rd december post

Morning hair cut and color had;night party and discussions had; data typing did by coming early 2 offina followup of Jana syam did; SWOT anlysed; rs 500/- from ajay and 250 at office; kukatpally data also; scan help took from lakshmi; mumbai rults seen;apreciation by laxmi on typing;


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