Monday, November 15, 2010

15th november

Care of geetha has continued with messages; strong support of srn has further continued;;surprice is hardwareevents people for twitter id have called back this is begining of a new era;Vijayawada prasad also got activated thanks to earliar saving of his handwritings; got back contact to chalapati rao;MK; proces of proprietery firm got into fold; v;morning shock was house for rent rejection call from owner but i dint shake for this news; most of the day organised way2sms had nice response; bit of firing to geetha at evening; bhawar called;maren has responded with messages;syams call from banglore;
read back most of 2 years blog for cell numbers; Lost temper at ajay;
krishna Sr; lalit has resonded;
prathistaseva twitter id created; honey also responded to messages; jayram reddy also caught up with call thanks 2 social media and way2sms;
surprise sai and chinna got activated responce also had from sai; Near room complaint by cosmetics lady; 16 new pics took; seen interviews were being conducted for web ppl; released free access socialmedia4all; night babai caught up with messages and his jokes; Gtas hindi dialogues;
activated group messages of way2sms;

13th november post

second satday; searched 4 stamps; with ajay did 2 calls; srn gave money for house so went to ramanthapur area and tried for few houses found one also seen ajay house had lunch there; with lait seen sekhars room; continued to oganise way2sms contacts; area exposure further got exposed; night to house owner and gave advance; their verification; some offensive tweets abt honey? byke exposure witrh her;

14th november; sunday:

Morning started the day; met raju and had long discussion more deatils abt rajus sisters; 2 tips had;then to office gave atp to watchman; watched the TV and ajay came in; influence of dhanraj known; also prakash and gandhi also came in; some disturbance abt joining job;exposure of new bar; lost total control on expenses 4 the day;enjoyed Tv at office; prakash firing of rao; poor finace to verification travel of prakash and ajay; night final tweets of geetha; Ajays insecurity continued; gandhis smartness continued; missed bath some how had tablets;


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