Friday, November 12, 2010

11th november post

Rk at office surprisingly;After long time started field work again with ajay but could able to met chermas and neerus only had interesting discussion and hope from them; missed lunch;came back due to byke repair; rest of the day spent time at office only; syam has successfully collected amount from kamal and informed; another enquiry for twitter id for the day; no response from indiaprofile yet; fired lakshman quite unexpectedly temper need to be checked again; earliar feedback on my temperment also had from ajay;
Evening 2 guys came and their response was nice for social media surender; 9885804193(;; g mohan 93425 25515/91334 08570; info of nice traffic rank ; alexa ranks and followers have continued; Rks guidance abt marriage; ph to chengaiah and kamalakar; response from gandhi had through sms; sms package got activated again by geetha;
Interesting tweets from twitter seen; buiscuits by honey at eve?
ajays tablet effect?; movie knowledge analysed; night panic by geetha; nice sms interaction throughout the day' one the whole quite interesting day; My scooter is still there at tirupati; more assurances from SRN had again for the day;


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