Monday, September 20, 2010

20th september

69 th day story;
Lot of things have happend; Morning got up very late;for social media ads got aproval from surendra but by then time was up to release ads; lakshmi achived her target of 10 mailers; script for ad in telugu and english developed; sales guys came and mock interviews and project deatils imparted to them: Gopals call received; new lady as PA to surendra joined; Syam has called; most of the day suffered with uneasy; Bit seriousness maintained for the day; social media content read at google; unable to eat stuff at lunch; little bit of yesterdays loss stress;my saamethalu effect on staff; nagging resistance from rao;2 full bottles in stock; as a result of ganesh immertion took advanced care; Raju invited for dinner;

19th september post

Sunday; again failure at rx related depression; missed place of c alford with poor planning;night raju and sudhakar met; torture of loneliness and confusion;
Over dose again missed dinner again night sleep was very good; morning to office used net; sarkgroup new id;water from office to room;


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