Thursday, June 17, 2010

16 th june post

days marketing calls: another fighting day survived; mostly dob of companies noted;evening got major success;unable e to walk: success at rk photo due to image print; google listings idea;villages will now will use net thru cell; dress power 4 the day;info of fortune 500 companies; 2 note books 2 pens paste buiscuits;;managed tweets with south scope info;byke is must;scan failure; cell phones menace continued; night discussion with hotel guy interesting; federal bank no manju foods followup. rk photo ok; future mobiles naTIONAL MOBILES dry cleaners eve; top drycleaners got commitment plastics ok homoeo ok mahaveer jewellers 15 days; trade mark details;calender; 10 years established; bearings home appliances ok artist fishes;No bindu; dry cleaners;


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