Saturday, May 15, 2010

14 th may

Problem at reliance continued with repair works.Activated Pyonner card.pending 2 days blogs posted.celebs followers were at 5057.3 new tweets for k.a very big email from fullhyd kishore.2 pending entries posted.tendulkarsworld at FB.gave 13 k to Gopal.Infolinks 2 links seen activated.Hollywood seems to be 15 times larger than indian cricketers.

Vasu said at seena shop car piece can be available.on cell phone tried Can sharma,tirumala milk peole.2 numbers of Sai 90521-84664 and lalit 9030209921 got.while by going auto seen potencial calls.Muscle cramps during morning sit ups?.Vasus impressive mannerism was nice.Had butter milk at syams things were emerging at syams shop.rajpalace incident to reliance guys was mistake?.new pen soap.Finally one success story at Raunaq target was successful.
Disturbance and no response at dolphin.evening felt tired and energy levels?.niemindia,commoncolors,skygourmet were new prints took from sridevi cafe.chengaiahs call.K and eye glass people were disturbing.134 days saga.lunch was bad.dangerous drinking water levels at home.payoneer rank 4840.


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